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What will you do during Awareness Week (5-11th March 2012) to make people more aware of endometriosis?

Let's make this year's Awareness Week the best ever - let's get endometriosis recognised! Perhaps you could get an article in your local paper or write to your MP to ask why more is not being done for women with endo? Diagnosis times are still over 7 years and more needs to be done. Would be great to have your comments.

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I'm will definitely contact my local paper and see if they will put an article in. Are there any guidelines you have to what has to go into the article?


Hiya Bec82. I did this last year, the best thing you can do is tell your story and be truthful about your experience. You can always check your facts with EndoUK if you what to put in data about the condition (like how many women in the uk have it etc). Hope this helps. Good luck with the article.


I hope to be visiting local schools in my area to conduct talks to girls about the condition and how they can look for symptoms and how they can talk to the gp about any worries or issues. Spreading the importance of talking about their body, and knowing what is normal.

I hope my local press may get evolved as well. I am working with Endo uk to promote the issue and to get the correct information out there.


I work in health so I will go out of my way to spread awareness within my team and any health worker coming into contact with our team in my area... just need to figure out how.


i have wrote tio my local paper and awaiting a response- do i need to get the charity Endometriosis UK envolved or can i do this alone (i would like to get them envolved for more awareness anyway but not sure if it is necessary to be allowed to write a public report)

I live in Bromley area so if there is anyone with a story to tell or want to share anything please let me know if you would like to help



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