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How often to cysts burst?

How often to cysts burst? I haven't been officially diagnosed but am 99% sure I have Endo am waiting on seeing a specialist recently I woke up and had the most horrendous pain in my lower left side it doubled me over I was left writhing on the floor in agony every time I tried to stand up I felt like I would pass out I was drenched in sweat and boiling hot my husband had left for work and I was trying to stay away from the kids so I didn't scare them! After lots of research I now believe I had a cyst rupture and now live in constant fear of it happening again when I'm out or driving the kids to school every sharp pain leaves me terrified is this a regular occurrence or a horrid one off?

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ok, so, I learned this relatively recently that when we ovulate an egg moves to the side of our ovaries and creates a little cyst which then burst to allow the egg to move along the fallopian tube. When somebody has poly-cystic ovaries it means that these ovulation cysts don't burst when they should and get bigger before popping so it hurts more. This is the pain you feel as ovulation pain. I have been diagnosed with endo and a sticky ovary which sticks itself to other things in my pelvis and then whenever I move funny or have menstrual cramps it tears itself off from whatever it was stuck to. This I can tell you is excruciating and had me in a&e last monday.

My advice to you is to go straight to a&e if you feel like that ever again. Get a laparoscopy done so that they know what's actually going on in there. You may have ovarian cysts or/and endo or like me a sticky ovary where they have no idea why it's like that lol.

Good luck hun but never let yourself be in pain like that again, go to A&E!!! xxx


Thank you that is really interesting I don't know why I didn't do anything about it I think I was just in shock. I did mention it to my GP a few days later and he was very dismissive he just says I have a bad back and to give it time!!! I have been going to him in agony for nearly 2 years now I'm not sure how to get him to stop fobbing me off. My husband has just taken out private medical insurance for me so am hoping can get more success going through thus route fingers crossed x x


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