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Not feeling good :(

I guess its time for me to have my rant :(

I guess I haven't really reacted to the news I was given on the 9th April that I officially have endo and I think now, two and a half months later it has proper hit me.

I am not on any treatment for it yet. My normal everyday symptoms actually include hot flushes and night sweats. One minute my body thinks its in menopause, the next minute it thinks it is pregnant and I feel dizzy, get morning sickness, look like I am 6 months pregnant and my boobs are so huge they don't even fit in my bra. Last month I wanted to rip everyone's heads off, was being rude to people at work cos they were annoying me, this month I am just constantly crying. my memory is soooooo bad, its gotten worse since the lap. my back kills me, my legs ache like they are being drilled, for the past two years I have had a deep red patch of acne on my right cheek temple that just doesn't go away, it hurts to open my bowels really bad and all I want to do is sleep, sleep and sleep.

I don't want to take any treatments because as far as I can see all the treatments will make me feel is everything I have just said above so what is the point????? I just don't understand this stupid condition and I wish it would just P*** off back to where it came from. 2 years ago I was perfectly normal and then one morning I just woke up with this stupid condition and I don't even know how it happened and its ruining my life.

I am not normally a sharer of emotions type of person, but apparently according to my endo this month I am :(

I am sorry for the rant, I literally have nobody who cares about me having endo or who will take the time to talk to me about my endo x

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I have nobody to talk to me about mine either so know where ur coming from cause I'm alone in that department. I understand what your saying as I have mood swings, emotional days etc. We all have good days and bad days. Although for me it's mainly bad days. I'm always exhausted!! I wish I could say something positive to help you but I don't know what to say. Why don't you give one of the treatments a partial try? Anything is worth a try if it might help right!?


It's really hard, hopefully writing out has made you feel a bit better too x

A lot of the things you describe are hormonal things, not necessarily directly endo related (have they checked you for PCOS). You can tri-cycle the pill: that could help with the hormones, even if it just happens less often. There are also things like norerthisterone to help reduce bleeding (which can lead to tiredness and can therefore lead to concentration problems).

Personally Prostap was amazing for me. Yes I had flushes and was emotional, but a million times better than crawling the walls in excruciating agony.

Also, have you looked at diet? If you really don't want to try hormones then have a look at the endo diet. It's hard work but loads of people swear by it.

With endo you have to treat it a bit like being really short sighted: by not doing anything you are just going to continue suffering and its likely to get worse.

Have a look at Endo for Dummies book, and fully research all the treatment options out there. Don't just make an assumption, you need to take control and if you aren't ttc the pill is a really good place to start (or the mirena which is probably a lot better).

Good luck x


Hi I am sorry you feel so alone,when I was diagnosed,they didnt have all these treatments,so I used Evening Primrose,which seemed to level things out,It is very difficult as it seems to make an impact on your hormones,giving you severe mood swings,I had a hysterectomy at 25,but they left the ovaries,so am still having the mood swings,being bloated etc.No body knows when I am going to have a menupause,I am nearly 60 now,and have had the test twice in a year,and I havent started,they have offered hormones to help,but feel that hormones are differant for everyone,so how can they get the right mix.So now as there is no answer,just have to learn to live with it.but that doesnt mean I like living with it but as there is nothing I can do, I just have to accept it and the people around me have to put up or shut up.Crystalgirl


As the others said nothing tried, means nothing done. Try the end diet, take b vitamins, primrose, fish oils and alternative treatments.


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