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The link between Endo and Food

Hello lovely ladies and fellow fighters.

I just wanted to drop a few lines for anyone looking for answers. I'm sure most of you know about this already but I though I should point it out for newly diagnosed patients. Although nobody can tell what causes Endometriosis, there is a firm link associated with high estrogen levels and incidentally with the food we eat.

I was rather surprised when I found about this, so many of the food we consume elevate our estrogen levels thus worsening our symptoms. There are cookbooks specially dedicated to endo sufferers.

It was big change, but I have noticed a big improvement, though that meant giving up my beloved cheese, fries and switching to organic meat and eggs.

Also on a side note, my doctor recommended taking 'evening primrose oil capsules' daily which helps balance out hormones levels too and very happy to reports it also helped.

Good luck to you all and really hope your symptoms improve very soon :)

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Hi, can you recommend any cookbooks?



Hi - the toiletries you use also add to the level of xenoestrogens. I now use Jason products because they do not contain parbens, sulphates (sls) or Phthalates - I also try to cut down on caffeine, alcohol and sugar. It all affects your hormone balance, particularly leading to estrogen dominance.


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