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Period like pains 3 days after finishing my period?

Hi ladies hope all is well. I have finished my period on Friday, ths is my 3rd period in 8weeks since my hormones are coming back to normal after finishing decypeptal. My last decypeptal injection was oct 2012.i had my 1st bleed end April and since then every few weeks lasting roughly 4days. I finished on Friday and today I've had period cramps weak legs and as I write this strong period pains in my lower abdomen in my womb area. I was just wondering if anyone else experiences pain after finishing their period?

Thank you xx

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Yes! I used to have almost painless Pre-menstral days and painless first few days of my period, the most pain would be after my period had finished. Also, things like sex or heavy lifting hurts the day after. I've no idea why!


Hi Dancer53, so sorry to hear you are in pain too but now I know I am not mad, I am having real bad pains when I finish my period. I finished my period last Saturday and I am still in agony. Looking forward to my gynae visit next month (although he says it is in my mind). Take care x


Yes I can relate to that too sometime the pain was worse after the period was finished never knew if I was coming or going with it. I had 3 rounds of decypeptal injections which was great only side effect was I put on a lot of weight! I feel my period/endo problems then got worse when my body settled after injections. I recently had fibroids removed and got the mirena coil put in to see if that helps.


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