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1 month after surgery and i feel worse!

I had surgery to remove endometriosis from my abdomen a month ago. I had the same op 7 years ago after c-section and i recovered within a couple of weeks. 2 more c- sections 5 and then 4 years ago and i noticed the familiar lump, burning stabbing pain but this time it went from my hip and travelled. After 2 years attending.hospital where drs did everything but listen to me i went to a private clinic where dr immediately found the lump and referred me to a surgeon. Surgeon suspected what i'd said all along, endometriosis in scar tissue so i went in for op a month ago. Removed endo lump 5x7cm plus extra 4cm all around to be sure, had to have mesh cos hole so big. I was on the mend until 2 days ago when i slightly overdid it, home with 3 kids u can imagine, anyway got my periods and literally feel like my insides are going to fall out!! I have no energy, terrible moods. Anybody gone thru the same thing? Will i ever feel.normal again?

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I had my ovary out, endo clusters removed and my bowel detached from my womb, 8 months ago, I can say I feel worse now than I did before the op. Endo was only discovered when the went to remove my ovary, because it was a chocolate cyst and was causing pain. Like you no Dr has listened to me. I have had numerous tests to rule out a brain tumour, lupus, intercrainel hypertension and the jury is still out on MS. I have had constant headaches and visual disturbance, this has calmed down now, but am constantly tired and emotional. I have been put on iron tablets for 2 months now. Not that there is any improvement as yet. I hope you feel better soon. I do wish I had never had my op and just lived with the pain that would leave me bed ridden, Although I do still have pain on the side of where the ovary was, they say it now could be IBS. Don't take anything the Dr says if you are not happy I'll feel I have been fobbed off through all of this.



Thanks for replying. I'm on iron tablets too and had also been told it could be IBS. Amazing how so many of us suffer with this condition and yet there's not enough known about it. I really hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks again, always helps to talk. xx


Hope you do too, thanks. I know, and thats only those who have been diagnosed, on average it takes 10 years to be diagnosed. Must be many more suffering without a clue.



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