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Can anyone help me understand whats going on?

Hi all. So basically had a lap done and was told no endo just a blocked tube. Doctors at hospital keep saying there is no reason found for my pain. I suffer terribly with lower back and pelvic pain and was sure my symptoms were all that of endo. Anyway went for a follow up app today to check out fertility and doc read my notes in which it said that there were some tiny adhesions found! Yet she still kept saying the lap had not found ajy cause of my pain! Now please can someone help! I thought I had read yhat even tiny adhesions can cause pain!

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I had 3 laps done before I was told I had endo!!

The 1st 2.. I was told they couldn't find anything xx


Hiya, I had a lap done 2 1/2 years ago and was told there was nothing wrong. But as my symptoms have got worse since, I've been back to see a different consultant and due to have my 2nd lap in just over a week. Desperately praying for a diagnosis this time around.

There's a website you can check about consultants interests and what they specialise in... drfosterhealth.co.uk/consul... and you have the option of being referred to whoever you like as far as I'm aware. It's definitely worth getting a second opinion.

Take care Xx


Hi, don't know if this will be helpful or not but I spent 5 years with pain down my legs and all around my pelvis, and groin area. After many consultations at which each GP/consultant said that the pain I had couldn't be from endo -but I was convinced that it must be after reading everyone's experience. Anyway eventually had a lap earlier in year and was told all clear. I was so upset when discharged cos like everyone else thought i was going to come out pain free...Took myself off my Tramodol and went into severe withdrawal. Determined to beat it I went on a slow reduction regime which included changing to slow release Tramadol (plus anti inflammatory) but as I did so my pain changed in that I now had lots of pain in lower back as well. A scan revealed that I have severe arthritis in facet joints. (lower spine), 2 bulging discs and inflamed tendons in same area. The original tramadol had done quite a good job of masking pain but made me feel ill in so many other ways and I felt I was controlled by it. Basically I was hooked! I am still on low dose slow release Tramodol and anti inflammatory but now feel that I am more in control. I went to war on my back. Hot/cold treatment, yoga, pacing myself and choosing activities accordingly, posture awareness and listening to what my back telling me at any given time. Anyway my point being that its easy to get blinkered because we get so desperate for an answer and a miracle cure to our pain. Also that my back condition had got progressively worse over 5 years but the medication had altered the presentation. Pain is underestimated by medical profession generally but I hope you eventually find some answers and relief for your pain x


Adhesions aren't necessarily endometriosis. Have a look at this, it's a bit wordy but it'll give you an idea - pelvicpain.org.uk/index.php...

Have they given you any other ideas as to what else could be causing the pain?

C x


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