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Please can someone give me some support?

Im so sorry to bother everyone. There comes a time when it's all just to much to bear. I have endo, 33, been trying to get pregnant for three year. On first cycle of IVF, self injecting. Very scared, as I have a fear about hospitals. My husband is upset due a death in the family. All of sudden things have just got on top of me. I can't seem to stop crying. I know it's probably the injections, so if anyone can share a similar experience, then I'd be very grateful. Elizabeth.

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I'm not sure there is much I can say to resolve your issue, but in my experience, I get very frustrated at people who tell me it will all be ok. What I would rather here and thus what I am going to say to you is...

it is unsurprising that you feel rather burdened by everything that is going on, in fact it is normal. Even the crying. Our emotions are there to help us deal with the goings on of humanity. What is important is how you move forward with things and how you deal with them. For me, I am comfortable with feeling down, upset, angry, and a collection of other disruptive emotions as long as I feel that I am capable of doing the things I need to do and achieve on a day to day basis in the long term. By this I mean, if I can't do the washing today but I know I could do it tomorrow, I am ok (perhaps a rather trivial task but hopefully you get the point). When I am not able to, I seek medical advice. This happened to me last year and what I felt I needed was a method to learn to cope with all of the emotions. Because the issues you are currently dealing with might resolve, but other issues may arise. And rather than take drugs to assist me during one episode, I sought counselling to help me deal with issues on every occasion for as long as I retain the skills to do so.

The injections are probably having a massive effect. When Is ought counselling, it was to help me deal with hormones so just because there may be some physiological contribution, does not mean you would not benefit from psychotherapy. Hope this helps a little.


Thank u for replying and taking the time to answer my post. It's really appreciated. I feel like I've calmed down now, and I have counselling next week. It's good to know it has helped others. Thank you.



Counselling is a massive help as you can talk to someone truly about how you feel without feeling like you are putting a weight on them, sometimes talking is a great way to get it off your chest as you can speak truly as to how you feel. Endo is awful as even the treatments have side effects which are so unpleasent. Hope things get better for you soon. But the great thing about this site is that we are all in it together, so no need to apologise for 'bothering people again' We are all in this s*** together.

Good Luck with the IVF. Positive thinking :)



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