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Doctor much more helpful than gyni!

Hi all, thought I'd write an update after I left my gyni follow up appointment I was very confused and wrote blog about it all, but was told my doctor would have notes and recomendation for pill by the following week. So today two weeks later I got to speak to my doctor. She still hasn't received any notes so I had to explain what was said. So my main worry was the gyni said if I wanted to look at fertility treatment I had a few years as NHS would do IVF up to age 38-39 but since then looking on web I found Hampshire age limit was 35 and I'm 36 next month and not due back to see gyni for 4 months. My doctor apologised that id been given wrong info and when she gets notes and sees what gyni I saw she would be addressing this. She has agreed to refer me so I don't miss my chance asap. Then I told her he had sugested merina coil but as I wanted to look into fertility soon I didn't think that was right so agreed to take pill. So she agreed merina was wrong at the moment but would be good to discuss after IVF treatment if we get that far. She said she was not willing to give me pill as I'm over 35 and smoker, although it may help symptoms it could cause worse ones like blood clots which could be life threatening so she was not willing to do this. So basically everything my gyni said was wrong for me and I could have missed out on my only chance of a child. I'm sharing this so if anyone else is concidering IVF look into the ages they will refer you in your area as all areas are different! So for now I'm sticking to painkillers and upping my nortriptyline to see if that helps reduce the pains more and wait to hear from fertility specialist. So fingers crossed I hear soon and I finally feel I've spoke to someone who is trying to help me. Thanks to those who have been supporting me along the way so far..... Long journey ahead I think but great to know the support is here and feeling more positive today. X

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Hi Lillyflower.

That is great that the dr was helpful and listened and is going to refer you now to fertility specialist etc instead of waiting. I hope you get the appointments/tests etc thru soon and you get some answers soon too. Pants to hear that the Gyno u saw had told you a load of rubbish!

Good to hear you feeling more positive today. Hope the pains ease for you. Thank you for keeping us all updated on here about your endo journey. x hugs x


I can only suggest that you keep telephoning your Gynae's secretary regarding your report to your doctor. Your doc cannot act on it until he has it. I had to keep phoning and it took 7 weeks!!! In this day and age it's unacceptable. In the end, my docs secretary phoned the Manager and she faxed it over straight away!! Good luck xxx


Hi thanks for your messages I was thinking I should chase the notes so calling secretary may be a good idea. I upped my nortriptyline and have felt like brain fog has been getting worse all day and felt quite faint before I gave up and left work. Thinking that maybe that was a bad idea. Leg pain not so bad but being away with the fairies was not good for getting work done. Anyone else had this does it get better or do I just reduce again?? Thanks


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