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2 month Zoladex-long enough???

I have been suffering with suspected Endo for 14 years now. I have moved county, therefore moved Drs. My new gynae requested a internal ultrasound, which was extremely painful (I have a tipped uterus) in which everything appeared normal but they couldn't find my left ovary. (I was told this was normal)

After a brief consultation in which I divulged my entire treatment history, the a gynae suggested a Zoladex injection for this month and next and if that has any relief then full hysterectomy.

I am just concerned that this is not long enough and a very hasty decision.

Any advice?

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Wow! I would be as supsicious as you are!! 2 months surely isn't long enough of a trial with the Zoladex, plus, Zoladex doesn't always work for women with Endo. He surely should not base a Hysterectomy on that one treatment. I would be inclined to push for either a Laparoscopy (the only definitive way to diagnose Endo) or seek a second opinion. This is way too drastic. Sorry you have been suffering so long. If you do see someone else, preferrably an Endo specialist, be getting together details of all your symptoms, issues, treatments, meds etc., and a very useful tool for a Gynae is a Pain Diary. Good luck and let us know how it goes. xxx


I would be very wary that doctor to be honest. I'm sure you probably know this already but a hysterectomy isn't a cure for endometriosis, although it does help a lot of women but it isn't a guarantee. Have you ever had a laparoscopy? You can have all the scans in the world and appear 'normal' but the only way to know for sure is via a lap. I had a missing left ovary during an internal scan too, and was also told it was normal! When I finally had a lap done it was discovered my ovary is stuck to my pelvic wall and I have severe endometriosis. I'm not trying to scare you at all, but it's so important to find a good endo specialist who can provide you with a proper diagnosis and treatment. Have a look at these links and see if there is a specialist near you, if you ask your GP they should refer you.



Regarding the Zoladex I'm not sure 2 months is long enough but hopefully someone else will be able to answer that question.


Thanks for your replies.

I didn't want to bog down the whole Question part on my previous treatments.


I have had 3 laps in last 13 years. Nothing was found. I have had 2x 6 monthly Zoladex treatments over a period of 2 years, 7 years ago which helped immensely.

I have been through so many different treatments. I just don't know who I can trust to help me make the correct decisions.

I have not been given a diagnosis at all, just speculations and I am so sick of being in pain. But this doesn't seem right.


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