Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)

Hi guys,

So not only have i got endo to contend with, i've now been diognosed with Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), a blood disorder which attacks my blood platelets. I had open surgery in Feb on chocolate cysts and endo and they think its stems from that. To be blunt I look like a rotting corpse. Has anyone else suffered with this? here's the link to read more.

Just when I think i'm getting on track something else pops up. Endless hey ladies??

F x

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  • Hey Hun,

    Sorry to hear you also have this to contend with. I have read many articles which say that many women who have endo also have some form of other disease/illness etc. Its truly pants!

    I'm currently going through tests for premature ovarian failure, I have advanced endo affecting bowel, ovaries and tubes. Its bad enough that endo is present and life controlling but when its likely to come with something else its just sucks.

    I know I can't really offer any support with your new revelation however I wanted to encourage that you are not on your own through any of this :-)

    All the best chicken


  • Hi, I have been diagnosed with itp in the last seems looking back through my records, its something I have always had . luckily for me the lowest my platelet count has been is 85.i got told that this was low but not severely low that I would need treatment.maybe having itp is due to heavy bleeding.i havent been diagnosed with endometriosis but I do have symptoms. Bleeding after intercourse, between periods.pain most of the thought the bleeding could be due to itp, not sure tho.i am taking nothestirone to try stop my break through bleeds but doesnt seem to help.also have the nexplanon implant.periods are all messed up.they were so regular at one point, now I feel like cant go anywhere incase they start.i hope you are is worrying, I was in a low way when I found out but at least now I know and can be prepared. Its just scary if you need an operation. Take care.X

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