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So frustrated and confused

I was diagnosed with Stage 3/4 endometriosis in December following a laparoscopy. My left ovary is stuck into my bowel. I have had three doses of prostap which has not reduced the pain at all.

I have just had a MRI scan which has shown no major endometriosis? but shows that my bowel is still stuck to my ovary.

I have now been put onto the waiting list for another laparoscopy with my consultant and a bowel surgeon but they will not perform the op until I have lost a stone in weight. I am just over 15 stone.

This has been going on for twelve months now and to be honest I am so confused and fed up. I just want this awful pain to go away.

Vicky xx

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It sounds awful Im sorry to hear your being made to wait so long it feels like they don't care some times but endometriosis can be a real bugger for patients and doctors alike it seems

i was finally validated yesterday after starting to think maybe it was psychological

i finally had my diagnostic laparoscopy after a trans vaginal scan had shown no reason for my pain! when they found one falopian tube completely blocked and my bowel stuck to my back and abdomen

i had consented for any pysical abnormalities to be corrected so they removed bits of endometriosis and a part of my bowel which was a shock to awake to at 24

Im in agony now as just 24 hours ago but hold on in there it takes timen it feels like forever when your in pain but u have got this far and u will get ur op xxx


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