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Is prostap worth it?

Hi, I have been advised to begin a 6 month course of prostap to help my symptoms of endo and fibroids (currently around 5cms).

I have heard all the usual horror stories about side effects but I am most terrified about the chance that my periods may not return afterwards and I will struggle to get pregnant. I don't really want to keep looking on random websites as I'm not sure how reliable they are but I'm wondering if anyone knows how many people struggle to ovulate after these injections?

It's seems like a lot to risk and to go through for 6 months for only light relief afterwards! Any advice/ experience would be appreciated. I'm due to see my consultant in a month or so but want to arm myself with as much info and understanding as I can! X

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Personally for me it was marvellous, a 3 month injection gave me the best 6 months of my post-puberty life:)

For me, once it wore off, it seems to have made ovulation more regular: bad for pain, but better for TTC! I have PCOS too so think it has given my ovaries a break as this is a common side effect for women with pcos.

I had addback hrt too and wouldn't do it without.

I know loads of people hate it, but for me I got to the point where I was going to remove my womb with a super Hoover or kitchen utensils if I didn't do something. We had also been TTC for over 4 years so had an AMH test before I agreed to the injection (controversial but some people think it can tell you your ovarian reserve) and got a high result so took the risk.

Whatever you do good luck x

P.s. Given the choice I would have it again tomorrow!


I was on it for 6 months between my first diagnostic lap in Oct, and my second operative lap in Feb. I had monthly injections in my tummy. For my first month I didn't take Livial the add back HRT tablet and suffered mood swings, and hot flushes, but once I started taking HRT I was back to normal and pain free. I took it to allow the inflamation to subside before my second op. We're trying to conceive, my periods returned 2 months after my last injection and I have also started the endo diet. Since the lap and diet I've no had 2 periods and I feel sick and have deep aches, but none of the cramps that left me unable to walk. My first cycle has only been 21 days which was a bummer! (I'm normally 26-27). My consultant gave me 6 months to ttc, 3 naturally then try IVF for maximum chance before the endo returns too badly.

There will be a reason you've been advised to go on prostap, make sure you know what it is, what the benefits are, and what the risks are before making your decision. I talked it thoroughly through with my GP before deciding to go for it, and decided the benefits of taking it (having a more successful 2nd op, stopping the endo and stopping pain for a period), outweighed not having it. But I was petrified when I first found out it could cause a chemical menopause! I didn't understand what that meant, or how long it would last, or whether it'd be permanent etc etc etc.

Hope that helps, and good luck making your decision.




Thank you for your replies ladies, I definitely think I need to learn more about how it all works before I make my decision. At the end of the day though I guess it's worth trying anything to fight it rather than leaving it to its own devices!

I'm glad that you've both had good experiences and found something that works for you :) . Thank you for the hrt advice as well, I know that's another widely debated topic. I realise it can only be my decision but there are so many to make sometimes I just wish someone could tell me what to do!! X


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