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invisible us!

hey ladies after all my moments of ranting and crying that there isnt a support group in my area me and some friend got together now they dont have endo but some have HMS (hyper mobility syndrome) like me and others have fibro and other chronic illness that can not be seen so we are starting a support group called invisible us so if there is anyone in my area that would be interested in joining us you would be welcome or any of you for that matter!

just a bit of positive news hope your all pain controlled and lots of tummy love to you all xxx

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I love the name. Very appropriate. Bets of Luck with it. You won't be short of members that's for sure.


thank you hopefully so :) x


Sounds a very good idea natureschild, what area do you live in? Anything that makes people fighting illness or disability and feel less misunderstood is a good thing xx


That is a fab idea! Like impatient said I am sure it will not be few in numbers! A great name too! x


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