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Hi all, I've had endo for some years now (im 24) I had a baby in 2011 and had endo symptoms before. since having my little girl my symptoms have worsened ive been seeing consultants for the last year and they've booked me in for a laparoscopy at the end of may and on my doctors notes it says 'depending on scan results (pelvic scan) laparoscopy +/- ablation. this is the bit i am concerned about as i have read some horror stories on people who have had the ablation in regard to having another baby. I would like to have another baby in the near future and would like to hear from other women who have experienced the same thing. Many thanks

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Endometrial ablation? Or it can be called microwave treatment or novasure procedure. If this is what you mean, then it's not normally recommended for women who still want to have more babies, and it usually suggested for women who have finished with having babies. I've just had it done, I was sterilised at same time as I did have Mirena coil in but wanted it out, the surgeon offered to sterilise me whilst in there as he said it would be very dangerous to get pregnant once this procedure was done.

If that's not the procedure you meant, accept my apologies xx


I've also had endometrial ablation but was 42 when I had it done and had completed my family. I was also sterilised at the same time. If it is endometrial ablation you mean you're very young to be offered it? Usually the Mirena coil is pushed at you first lol. <voice of bitter experience> .


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