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I am off work ...again... the pain hasnt been as extreme todaymore of a tender bruised sensation but I am so done in with exhaustion and weakness/achiness all over. Could this be from the pcos that i know i have or the potential endo that is suspected? Lap is Monday, i just know i will be one of the ones they dont find the prob :( What do I do if I wake up from lap and gynae says everything fine?! do i just get abandoned to deal with pain and exhaustion?

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Hi Gnome86,

Good luck for Monday, I hope it goes well and they find something that explains all the pain and discomfort you've had. I just wanted to say that I have endo and the bruising sensation you mention is just how my endo lumps/implants started to bother me. So you may find that they do find the cause of your pain. It is a peculiar feeling and is just like you have a bruise under the skin, I don't know about you but this seems less noticeable on a day when you have extreme pain. I suppose the back ache, leg and hip pain mask this lesser type of discomfort.

Anyway not much help I know but I always take comfort when I read something that someone else has experienced as well.

Take care



thank you Worzel, very helpful! :)

it is comforting to know that others are in same boat -until i found this site, i had reached the stage of thinking i was crazy and imagining my probs. I am just so worn down, cant seem to get anyone to understand that i genuinely feel seriously ill. for long time i had problem where my weight went up and wouldnt budge for no reason, now it has gone the other way and I am dropping weight off at a stupid rate. I have a rotting sensation (i know there isnt something rotting but it is a sensation that I can best describe as rotting) -this could be maybe what you said about the implants?

just hope the consultant finds problem, I really am past caring what it is as long as they find something. Had to change from cocodamol 30/500 on to tramadol which has made pain more barable but am so tired of having cupboards full of various pills. If they were managing a problem and not masking it, wouldnt be so bad/

I am also being critisiced for telling my little girl that I am having lap. have realised i need to cut those unsupportive ppl out of my life, so that is something to work on to help myself i guess.

sorry i am just a whiging mess. what other sorts of symptoms do u get and did it take long for ur diagnosis? x


Hi Gnome86,

Firstly, it's not up to anyone what you tell your daughter - you know best, you're her Mum and I actually think that it is best if you try to explain what is happening because they will be worried and thinking all kinds of things otherwise. I'm sure she'll be more able to understand what is going on if you have explained it to her rather than her just seeing you after the lap and not knowing what is going on. Although saying that I made a point of explaining (in an appropriate way) to my 7 yr old daughter the fact that I would be going into hospital and asked her if she had any questions - yes she did have one question, 'Who will get my dinner that night'?!! - Typical!

Anyway i know exactly what you mean about thinking you are going crazy and imagining problems, I, like lots of others on here, it would seem, feel the same. When you have better days you kind of feel a bit of a fraud and seem to forget how much pain it was and how you have been unable to cope with it. The trouble is pain is so difficult to describe or for someone to understand and only you know how it feels so i am always thinking that people think i'm exaggerating.

Looking back over the years I have had lots of different symptoms of endo but never really joined up the dots so to speak. I started getting the bruising like pain on my right hand side about 2-3 inches along from hip and 2-3 inches about groin about 4 1/2 years ago. It would only really happen for the days over my period at first but then throughout last year it was almost constant with sharp, raw like pains that sometimes took my breath away (also felt heavy in that area) . I went to see the nurse at my GP surgery (As at the time it was so difficult to get a GP appointment) and she did some swabs and sent me for an ultrasound scan. Nothing showed as abnormal so I thought the pain was just a change for me as I was getting older. However last year (about 3 1/2 years after the bruising pain first started) I noticed a fair sized lump that was tender to touch in the same area as the pain, however it could only be felt when I was laying on my left side. I went to the GP and they said they'd send me for another scan, I hadn't heard anything for about a month and a half so phoned up and it turns out she'd forgotten to refer me. I was quite worried as the lump was getting bigger and I didn't know what it was so I asked her to refer me privately just for an initial consultation to get the ball rolling. I was refereed to a general surgeon as my GP suspected a hernia. I had a CT scan which showed a large lump elsewhere in my body (not the one I had originally gone about) as it wasn't causing any probs the consultant said its best to leave it alone. I then had an MRI scan which showed the lump I had gone about. They thought it looked like cancer so I had to have an ultra sound guided biopsy (all this still private - hence a completely broke Christmas!!). Anyway thank god the results cam back two days after Christmas as being endometriosis. I was put on the waiting list for the NHS to have the lump removed by the general surgeon I had seen. I had this removed in March this year. Had a couple of good weeks and then wham - the pain was excruciating! So severe - low back cramps, severe hip and leg pain and still the pain where the lump was removed. I went to GP and he prescribed the same as you - co codomol, tramadol, naproxen. These didn't really touch it - week before and during my period. He asked for a quicker follow up appointment with the general surgeon and when I saw him he said that he expected me to return as the lump he had removed was quite large, and was in a very odd place. It was in my abdominal wall, in the actual muscle and poking out the top into the fat layer. He suspects that the first lump he saw on CT scan is also endo and due to leg and hip pain that I have more in the pelvis. He has now refereed me to a gynae and they will do a lap - how long I have to wait for that I don't know.

Gosh what a hypochondriac I seem!! - Don't mean to, I never go to the doctors and hadn't been for years other than this!

Good luck with whatever happens and I hope that Monday goes well. Hopefully you'll get some answers.



Gosh worzel u had to do all that private surly u can make some kind of claim! I've been suffering since 14/15 now 38 told at 21 pcos after more pain bloating and 4 admissions to hospital bis maybe colitis. After last stay in hospital a week long got told 7cm cyst now and endo all over including bowel! So no bis or colitis it was endo all along just waiting for my op now!! But I'm so worn out I only do 25h aweek but I'm struggling with this, I used to b so house proud and love cooking now I truly can't b bothered! Tablets make me so sleepy I've been accused of using drugs! Will life ever b normal and will I ever b able to work properly again?


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