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Sinus headache or something else?

Hi All,

For the last 2 weeks I have been having pressure headaches. I went out cycling and after a few miles I started getting a headache in my right temple which by the end of the ride manifested into a migraine type headache. This headache hasn't really gone in 2 weeks. I went to the doctors who said it's possible it's your sinuses and gave antibiotics these have help a little but it still there. I can feel the headache if I move quickly or bend over. I wake up in the morning feeling very stuffy and take otravine spray which clears it . The pain sometimes feels like it's in my neck.

Thanks for Reading

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You need to go to A&E, if it is in the neck then this needs investigation, may be x-ray, ultra sound or even a CT scan?


Hi I called my GP today who gave me mometasone furoate nasal spray. Thinks a sinus problem. I asked naturally about the horror stories re tumours etc. He said I'd rule that out due to the fact this is only located on the right side of your head.

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Have you still got the headache? Have you contacted your Nephrologist, might be worth mentioning it to them. Headaches with PKD shouldn’t be ignored. We, are a little more susceptible to stroke. I was getting headaches and vertigo. He sent me along for an MRI scan, they can tell if you’ve got that ‘gene’. Fortunately I it came back clear, so I started looking at other things. For me I found that I was likely to be Magnesium and Vitamin D deficient. I found that I fit the symptoms, and us PKDers are often deficient, particularly vitamin D. Check it out and see if it sounds like you. If you decide to try it, then get Magnesium Citrate which is more gentle on our gut, and find a Vit D that also contains Vit K. My husband suffers from migraine, and the magnesium really helps, plus lots of water intake. Don’t become dehydrated, particularly with PKD. Hope you find something that helps.

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