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Hay fever suggestions appreciated

I am a 58 year old male. Five years ago I started suffering from hay fever. It only affects my chest, symptoms severe coughing and wheezing. It has been getting progressively worse year on year. I have been prescribed symbicort (red inhaler), as other 2 inhalers were not helping. I have been on the symbicort for 10 days and it has limited effect. I have never smoked and used to undertake triathlons, but struggle to do any real exercise now, as I cough and can not get breath. Are there any other treatment options available .

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Ask to see an Asthma specialist, my GP surgery has one in house. It sounds as though you, like me, suffer from allergic rhinitis which triggers asthma. If you can control the allergy then you should not have asthma symptoms. Pls see my post of yesterday on my current "attack on all fronts" approach which is working for me.


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