Severe Allergy /Hayfever

Hi my 14 yr old is suffering really badly from hayfever, her nose is constantly blocked and her eyes running constantly. All the over counter treatments (antihistamine) are not working at all. We took her to see the nurse at the local surgery and she said they were not able to prescribe anything stronger. I thought they were able to prescribe Corticosteroids for very severe short term cases?

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  • Hi, I too suffer from hayfever and it's worse when I have dairy products and wheat. I use a powerful air purifier when I'm indoors and during the night which helps.

  • thank you for your help, I've ordered a strong nasal spray also to see if this helps.. her symptoms seem to be improving slightly

  • Try to keep a food diary, protein in food can react at times. Try for breakfast scrambled eggs and only water to drink. Lunch may be steamed fish and water. dinner grilled chicken and water, may be some cooked veg and cooked fruits. If this food style helps then you can bring in other food slowly. I am 70, my problem started a 6 months working in Nigeria, on my return problems started, my GP could not help only antihistamine, this did not help, after a visit to a consultant he gave me Zirtek, now days this is not available on NHS as it is a brand medication, I buy it on line, 1/2 the cost of small chemists!!.

    Studies can be a problem. Try Zirtek may be one a day before going to bed. My knowledge is from 35 years of trying different things. Please do not go for this Loratadine antihistamine, because of bad side effect.

  • thank you .. I will bare all of this in mind

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