Possible milk allergy?

Hi, I'm looking for some advice on milk allergies. I am in my 40's have had asthma, eczema, hay fever, dust mite and allergies to various animals pretty much my whole life but its always been manageable and never that severe. I don't drink milk and limit my dairy intake for ethical reasons and have done so for about 15 years or so but occasionally I binge on chocolate, cheese and ice cream as I'm weak, its yummy and its a naughty treat.

About six months ago my eczema flared up and despite using all the usual creams etc it has not properly gone away and I was beginning to feel generally tired and unwell. I saw my GP twice in about a month, explained eyes were sticky every morning and I felt under the weather. I had no fever though so was thought to be a bad bout of eczema that needed steroids and stronger antihistamines. Despite two courses of oral steroids it didn't go away and in fact it got worse and I lost quite a bit of hair from my scalp so it was very noticeable. Had to see a different GP as original was busy. He took one look at me and said I had a secondary infection on face and gave me antibiotics, this cleared the infection immediately. I thought the problem was fixed as my skin got better and I could feel fluffy hair on my bald patches of scalp.

However about two or three weeks ago I started itching severely all over , not just on my skin, but my eyes and nose as well. Also eczema patches appeared on my tummy, back and bikini line. I used the usual steroid cream and emollients, the eczema got better and itching went away for almost a week. Last night it flared up again, the itching was really bad this time and scabby wet patches appeared on my scalp again. My calves have got scabby too and I've bruised myself trying to rub the itching away. I've not slept at all as I couldn't get relief from itching. The antihistamines haven't worked for the last two bouts either and my nose feels like it does when its grass pollen season.

At stupid o'clock this morning I had an epiphany, yesterday I ate a whole quiche for lunch and tub of ice-cream for my tea as I'd bought for a friend and got tempted. Could I be itching because I probably ate more dairy yesterday than I do in a normally in a month? Can adults suddenly develop an allergy like this? I'm now wondering if the original skin infection resulted from scratching caused by eating products containing milk? Is it worth me writing down what I've eaten this week and then what I eat for a week or two before I go and visit my GP so I have a bit more information and should I eliminate dairy for part of that? Or just go and explain what happened?

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi Saralou,

    I also suffer from skin/milk allergies. I have drastically cut out on every dairy products including egg whites and am on coconut milk, almond milk and oat milk. I've also cut out on wheat and yeast breads and sugar and only eat gluten-free and lactose-free products. I also discovered that wearing breathable loose clothes help a lot. I suffered from really itchy skin and had water softener installed because of the hard water, that helped to get rid of rashes but not the itch. I also find that certain fruits like pineapple makes my skin itch. I've just been to Spain and because of my skin being exposed to sunshine and fresh air, it's a lot better. I know it's daunting to take drastic measures, but that's the only way for me. Hope this helps.

  • spot on samya have you tried vitamin d regularly?

  • Hi sarahlou. From my experiences. It does sound like you had an allergic reaction to dairy. I have had similar extreme reactions to refined sugar, bread , oil filled radiators (fumes) all scented candles and nearly all medications. Listen to what your body is telling you and act quickly. Also. I suffer from lupus. Hypothyroidism and arthritis. All auto immune conditions. Reaching a point where my only form of treatments were methotrexate 'a cancer medication' and other pills with life threatening side effects. If you didn't die from the disease you would die from the side effects from these drugs.. In desperation. I have now given up sugar,, bread and all processed foods and having fresh green juices each day. Let your body go to natural and then after a couple weeks add that food back in , you will soon know if you get a negative reaction to any food . I am feeling really great now , in no longer have hypothyroidism and I am hoping at my next rheumatology appointment my bloods will also be in the normal range. If not this appointment it will be the next one. feel great got energy back, off medication. I know how my body responds to those lovely yummy creamy indulgences and the consequences physically are no t worth the pleasure and I've actually got to salvate at a juicy fresh mango , with bananas , grapes and hazelnuts, and coconut cream . Yum yum and looking healthy not 'burnt' and not feeling so fatigued. Good luck Sarahlou

  • i used to itch alot sarahlou and come up in spots, and i was given a non soap cleanser from my doctor, it is more likely to be a gluten allergy, milk dairy allergies-food intollerances are usually associated with asmtma-nasal issues- thats what i associate dairy with.

    give up wheat based products-pasta- flour-cereals-but not oats- and if you have the non soap cleanser you will make progress

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