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Has anyone had an allergic reaction to alcohol before? Over Xmas/New years I had it twice whilst drinking Vodka. I don’t usually drink Vodka these days and I have drank it previously with no reaction. I couldn’t breathe and my skin went red & blotchy. I took an antihistamine tablet and it went away within an hour.

I just wondered if this is a common allergy?

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From what I understand from the Mayoclinic you cannot be allergic to alcohol but you can be allergic to what the vodka is made from. Most alcohols are made from grain but Smirnoff is made from corn.

Red skin and being blotchy could be angiodema, usually of the hands and feet, if it’s the face it could be flushing unless your eyes water or become swollen like the tongue.

Allergic reactions to anyone should go to A & E in case it is Anaphylaxis.


People can be allergic to chemical from the bottling process!

I have rinse any item that was washed in the dishwasher at home. This because of chemicals used in the washing process, if I forget to rinse soon after using the cu or plate, my mouth goes into reaction!!!


Yes I have, one of my favourite drinks was a daiquiri (main ingredient rum), but if I drank one and I mean one, my right shoulder would go weird and I would get very uncomfortable under my diaphragm and I would have to go and lie down for a while. Now if I drink any alcohol I have to be very careful, so as you can imagine I don't drink alcohol very often.

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Please take a look at this link:


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Thanks Sandy that was interesting! I’m definitely staying off the vodka these days. Very random as the only other allergy I have is hay fever, no wheat or corn allergy’s. x


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