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Last night, my throat swelled up - around the region of the uvula. I felt a tingling and boom, it just swelled. I was worried because I didn't know if it was going to block my airways. Luckily it didn't. I looked in the mirror and my left eye had a swelling (where it meets the nose) and my right had a bump on the lid.

It's still puffy today so I'm wondering if it's the start of a cold/ sore throat or an allergy? Just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this?


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What did you eat during the day? Any chemical cleaning? Have you been out in an area where things were different.

What you described has happened to me many times!!!


Nothing out of the ordinary. Stuff I do generally - usual food etc.

Thanks for the swift reply.

This was the first time it's happened. I was going to sleep at the time.

Is yours an allergy? Do you know what is causing it?


Mine is an allergy reaction to fresh fruits and fresh veg therefore I do not eat fresh fruits and veg. most of the time they are cooked, but I tried to avoid them.

I have other allergy as well, perfume, cleaning products, car fumes, after shave and many more.

Another allergy, pealing carrots and parsnip, if I am in the kitchen and my wife is preparing food, this can react.

I do take Zertik antihistamine and I buy it on the Internet at reduced coat, this is because NHS no longer do prescription for Zertik. By the way I am going for a allergy check this Wednesday. This is to check the protein reaction to fresh fruits and veg reaction to allergy months mid February to mid July.

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Occasionally I will get what I call an 'allergy spot' - just one spot just above or below my lip, which lasts for about 25mins and I think that's due to sweetcorn. However, I've never had this reaction before. Glad it was in upper part of throat otherwise I would've been in trouble!

Thanks for the reply.


your allergy spot, "Is it one the surface or inside in the lip?" I am asking this question because I have been there. By the time you book an appointment there nothing for the doctor to see!!!

You need to keep a food diary to identify what is giving you problem, one or item or combination of items.

Can you imagine, I cannot eat Jaffa cakes but I can eat orange and chocolate!!!

There are many fruits and nuts I do not eat.


'Allergy spot' is on the outside - like I've been stung.

If I get the reaction again, I'm off to the doc- not chancing my airway ballooning up again!

Glad you can begin to identify your causes but what a pain for you!


35 years of it, as I am retired it is not a problem. Food diary and comments to reaction.

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Last night we went out for dinner, I am not on antihistamine because I am going for a check up tomorrow!

Cosco, a restaurant where you can eat a number of dishes.

Well this morning I have few swollen spots on my legs, no other problems!!!

I was allergic to some food. Food diary.

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Hi this does sound like an allergy one way to god out for sure if it is an allergy is take some antihysimine like piriton every 4 hours if it goes down in the few hours it's more than likely an allergy try and think back to what you are before the swelling started in your mouth and avoid it because if it an allergy you had a sign of anaphylactic shock which is a life threatening allergy and try and get an appointment with your doctor


Hi it is worth keeping a diary of daily foods and products you cime into contact with.your symptoms do seem like an allergy or chemical reaction to something. Allergies can develop at any time and although you mat not have been alergic before, you could have developed an allergy to something you have eaten or used a thousand times. Hope this helps. Ask your doctor to refer you to a dermatologist and allergy specialist so you can have tests for peace of mind.x

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Off to the docs today!


I went to see the specialist, had prick allergy test. 4 lots of blood for testing?

Will know the results in 2 weeks and the treatment after so many years, what I have is oral allergy syndrome.!!

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Doc said 'You seem to be a bit allergy prone' and that I was probably just unlucky at the position of the swelling. She was going to write a letter to a specialist (as it was in the throat) to see if I need any testing. She also said that you can usually breathe even when your airway is closed over (saying that when children get tonsillitis, their tonsils can touch and they can still breathe). Hmmm, not so sure!

Haven't heard back. Fingers crossed it doesn't happen again!


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