Hi, I am suffering with hayfever or allergic (not sure of that), all of a sudden it starts either in the morning or day time and it prolonged 2 days (used to stay for a day) inspite of taking certrizine for past 3 years everyday. I am really trying to understand this problem. I am on migraine meds for past 6 years and whenever this reaction starts my migraine starts. It disturbed my social and my work life. I had many cons with the GP but nobody gave me the answer or cure. I need some help please.

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  • Hi my son was and still is on citrizene but I don't find it much helpful for symptoms such as hay fever have you tried a nasal spray my son uses Avamys which I find works a whole lot better and if you have been suffering for so long with no answers have you asked to be referred to a specialist if not then I would ask to be referred

  • It could be that you have allergic rhino conjunctivitis

  • Thanks Erica,

  • I suffer from it really bad i take perennial for it

  • Thanks Kerrchloe for the advice, will try that.

  • Your welcome good luck

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