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hello,i,m woody.post natal nasal polyp sufferer with badly deviated septum.this condition has brought me close to suicide,but i,m fighting

i have cat ,grass and tree pollen allergies.theres no pretending that medicines work as they simply don,t.over the past few days i,ve had a virus,which has led to the hell on earth pains in my head returning,the ones i had before i had polyps removed.i,m very tempted to try dope as a pain treatment now,and no i don,t do any drugs at all.but a return to where i was 2 years ago is not an option.i,m frightened half to death of becomming a tramadol corpse again.has anyone tried dope as a short term painkiller ?

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Please do not consider "dope" It may ease you short time then you will want and more and then you are on a slippery path to hell. I have similar troubles but I now use Manuka Honey and rub into nose and around the nostrils. When alone you can wear it thick { outside a thin amount} . Get the best you can afford {try a Aldi store price ok} but the thin honey of other makes are more like syrup. So common instead of trying dope Try this what have you to lose.


I think kkjp has made a good point. You could try using a nasal barrier to catch the allergens before they enter your nose. The manuka honey may work but there are also brands such as sinubalm that may be a better option. There are also nasal sprays/nasal puffers that can coat the inside of the nasal passages providing an allergen barrier. Also, natural anti-histamines and natural anti-inflammatories can provide great relief. I would advise you to speak with your doctor first though.


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