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I have had a chesty cough since October last year. Initially chest x-rays showed a consolidation and I have had 4 course of antibiotics but a later CT scan was clear. A referral to the hospital specialist has suggested that I probably have asthma now and am using a brown inhaler and measuring my peak flow until the next visit in May. The doctor suggested I might be allergic to my cat although I am 50 and have had a cat most of my adult life with no problems. I have had a recurrence of eczema which I haven't had since my early twenties. Could an allergy have suddenly occurred? I started with hay fever about 15 years ago for the first time but I control this with over the counter anti-histamine with no difficulty. Obviously it's the wrong time of year..! I know I get itchy skin if I handle geraniums which I have managed to stay clear of for 30 years. Any ideas?

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you can still get hay fever at this time of year


see link for details :)

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I get hay fever in May and I get itchy eyes. This chesty cough and eczema and breathlessness feels completely different. We don't have any plants in the house.

I've been away to stay in a flat away from my home, cat etc and it made no difference (unless I'm allergic to the husband!)


yep could be the hubby :D


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