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What is the best way to find out if I have a food allergy?


I am new to this group and am considering having food allergy testing. I am suffering from a huge amount of pain and have done so for over a year, It happened out of the blue and I have so may different types of pain throughout my body in particular nerve pain.

I am wondering weather it would be worth having allergy testing but do not know where to start. Are the health food shop tests reliable or should I go through the doctor?

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Hi Rocky1

If you go to this website allergyuk.org/food-allergy-... it explains about food allergy and intolerance and about the different types of test available also which private companies provide the best tests. Your GP can do blood tests if it is thought that an allergy is the cause of your pain.

Hope this helps


Hey Rocky1,

I have to agree with tracynoe our member allergyuk.org has a great amount of material on allergy tests and even a helpline you can call to use as a great starting point for a diagnosis. A visit to the doctor is probably in order as if you are not noticing the pains you have specifically after consuming certain types of food, they may be related to something else. I hope you can pinpoint the cause and find a solution quickly!


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