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Formaldehyde Allergy

Has anyone else got this? I am being investigated for it following excessive use of chemicals containing it. I react to exhaust fumes/smokers/new buildings as well as a walk about at Ikea. I am also a diagnosed Coeliac and found the same symptoms appear from Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose HPMC in the Gluten Free diet and Hypromellose in prescribed medications. I suffer Anaphylaxis and Urticaria with this and need to take up to 6 Piriton daily for up to 12 days. However so far this is not Topical only Oral.

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Hi pretender,

Unfortunately, there is more or less nobody around on this forum. The owners rarely visit. I am replying to you to welcome you more than offering advice really.

I don't know much about your specific allergy, I've got loads of them but as far as I know, not to formaldehyde. I am allergic to freshly printed stuff though and like you, smoke. Formaldehyde must be dangerous generally though and best avoided.

Although I haven't noticed any symptoms, I've got a genetic predisposition to Coeliac disease and have been advised to avoid gluten. You sound further along with this than me. I choose spelt bread instead of wheat but on the whole prefer to avoid grains completely. I find potatoes are healthier.

I have looked up Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose HPMC and learned that it's in whole grain bread, construction materials, ophthalmic applications and some tablets. Of course this was new to me but not to you.

Maybe it's the medicines part that is the most difficult to avoid for you? And the other things you mentioned: fumes and certain buildings?

Sometimes there are purer meds available. I have hypothyroidism and am fine on two replacement types of thyroid hormone, but I know that a lot of people are not, they need lactose free versions. I know that at least one company manufactures that. It could be worth either asking a good pharmacist or searching online to locate versions of your meds that are produced without HPMC. I hope they exist. The pharmaceutical industry and world in general is so reliant on dreadfully dangerous adjunct chemicals these days.

Regarding exhaust fumes, that is also very difficult. I feel better living in the countryside on a road used mostly by cyclists and cows haha. The seaside would be good too, but hopefully you don't live in an area congested with traffic.

Sorry I can't give you more sophisticated advice, like I said, it is unfortunate that this forum was set up and then apparently abandoned.

Good luck



Hi Koala, yes this does seem rather dead. I live at the seaside but like everywhere these days so much pollution. I walk my dog at the quiet non school run times and stay in most of the time, I have contacted Allergyuk who gave me information that fitted events of anaphylaxis sadly when at A+E by the time a doctor arrives its time to go home (5 hours). Hopefully this time there might just be a result.


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