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Allergy or exaggeration?


I'm new to this, but I really wanted some advice. for some time I have been experiencing unpleasant symptoms (diarrhoea, abdominal pain, stuffy nose). At first, I thought nothing of it, as I thought I ate something funny. But I noticed these symptoms will only show up when I eat meat/chicken. So, I did a mini experiment of some sorts. I cut out meat/chicken from my diet, and, as expected, I felt better. I'm guessing that I have some sort of allergy to meat/poultry. Do you think that I should notify my GP? or am I just a bad cook?

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Funny you should say that as a friend of mine is allergic to chicken I had never heard of it before.


Do you have mold in your house? if you live in England you probs do but i have a mold allergy and always have, it's not as bad now but it used to cause asthma for me but after i had to take Antibiotic Stereoids it cured it because they don't just inhibit inflamitory responses from infections but from allergies too. A mold allergy can also cause diareah, stomach pains, throwing up, and acid reflux because of how it effects the immune system so it could pottentionally be making you sick, i would get your house tested for the type of mold you have in it just incase, that's if you do have mold.

Now i wake up with a blocked runny nose so i have to give it a good blow when i wake-up and about a year after moving back to England my eyes around the outsides went red and it's like that every day now, it's the worst when i wake up but washing my face with cold water helps it a little, and when i clean i can really start to feel it and my eyes start to burn becasue the mold spores are flying around, i might be allergic to dust mites too but i know i'm also allergic to carpet beetles now too, we can be allergic to the hairs, they are very small and get into all sorts of things, i've found a few dead ones in my room.

Found one the other day in my dust pan brush, i started getting bite like marks in random places on my body and they heal quite scabby and can be itchy too. Mold can be life threatening though if it's dangerous types of mold which then makes your home unlivable and it can make you start feeling very unwell, depressed, anxious, lower concentration, cause hormone and infertility problems and start to shut down your organs but houses should be built better to be honest... we shouldn't have to live in a moldy house. Docs can't ask you if you have mold though because of the personal questions they have to ask so you have to come to them with it.


I would go to the gp and get some answers and tell him what's going on


I would definitely go to the doctor so you can get checked over and get some answers


I would say you have histamine intolerance. You can eat small quantities but once the histamine levels have been reached you will get a reaction Google the subject and you will understand. Keep a food diary - it is tedious but worth it.


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