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Medical peeps have become rediculous

Went to ER with lower abdominal pain. Thought was a kidney stone. I had to lay there cause doc said she could give me no pain meds without someone with me. My daughter shows up then doc says i have to have CT first. 3 hours in pain. After CT she says you do not have kidney stone so you will not get pain meds. I explained to her that something was wrong and when the ER case manager is working I dont get treated this way. She said, well come to ER when she is working. My adrenalin kicked in, i got up and said are you freakin kidding me. My pain is not sceduled around someones work schedule. My daughter got in her face and called her ------------!!!!!!! I walked out screaming and fell in parking lot and had nervous breakdown. How much more do we have to endure. Had to go to another ER next day. I couldnt take the pain. He asked what The Veterans hosp does for me as I am a disabled vet, i told him and he said you want get that here. I have had it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭

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Hi country4eva.I am so sorry to read about your awful experience.I can understand your frustration and upset..We believe -and hope- that we will be treated with compassion and care in our worst days and yet it can surprisingly sometimes be the opposite..I hope you are recovering and your pain is a little easier..I sincerely hope you get the help and care you deserve from those in the medical profession who are marvelous -like that ER case manager- and worth their weight in gold.

I send you my best wishes xx

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