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New here and in pain - good night's sleep = sore hip

I was diagnosed with Joint Hypermobility Syndrome in 2011 after my daughter was born. She was a huge baby (almost 10 lb) and the pregnancy was excruciating. I had a structural problem according to my physio (i.e. narrow hips and a short bust with nowhere for the baby to grow). It felt like my pelvis was splitting into two and I needed crutches and a wheelchair towards the end. I had always been double-jointed but didn't realise this could turn into pain. They waited after the pregnancy to diagnose me so as to rule out the role of hormones.

I remember being given rather strong painkillers a few months after her birth. But since then, I've managed the pain (which comes and goes) with heat rubs, hot water bottles, an ergonomic pillow, occasional massages and over the counter pain killers. Pain is usually in the neck, shoulders, pelvis, knees, and - worst of all - hips.

If I have a good night sleep (ie 6+ hours), I will pay for it the following day with the worst pain across the front and back of the hip. This does not happen if I sleep less than that or in two stretches with a gap in the middle. I must add my mattress is firm, any less than that and the whole of my back gets sore.

I have put on weight in the last few months so I know this would be a contributing factor. But I wondered if anyone had this problem and what they did to manage it.

I have changed GP surgeries since my diagnosis and have not spoken to a GP in a long time about this. Are they usually receptive? What painkiller should I ask for?

Thanks for reading.

Anne x

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You really need to see your GP and ask for stronger painkillers. They are the only way to manage the pain from this condition. Point out to your GP that this is a chronic pain condition - it is practically the defining feature after hypermobility. You can't fight this condition on limited sleep, and the stronger painkillers help you sleep much better. Use both the terms Joint Hypermobility Syndrome and also Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility, to make sure your GP has heard of it.

I won't tell you what to ask for - different painkiller regimes work for different people.


Hi, forgot to mention, my son was 10lb 2oz. Caesarian and the one and only child I would ever deliver.


Thank you so much for your replies. Things are a bit better right now but will keep you posted. Funny we both had large babies.


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