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Shooting and stabbing pain help?

Help needed please. 😕 I've got issues with bladder and bowel etc. and have been going round in circles with medical professionals for six weeks. A&E were great on Friday and have organised for the consultant urology team at UCLH to carry out a telephone consultation as I've been waiting 7 months for surgery. The doctors don't seem concerned, purely as I'm too complex for them locally, but I have been complaining to them about shooting and sharp stabbing mains in the pelvic area particularly in the front and back passages. These pains have now extended to the palms of the hands and finger, the balls of the feet and toes, the elbows, and the tissues below the skin, pretty much everywhere, but especially in the abdomen is lumpy and really painful when pressed on. I know it's nothing neurological, as that was cleared on Friday, but does anyone know if this can be related to the spine or what it might be? My spine is badly damaged due to early osteoarthritis but the lumbar region is the only area they've been bothered in the past to X-ray. My mobility is already poor but this is making it far worse. Your thoughts would be really appreciated as I'm not sure if to get advice or leave it until the urologist calls although I think I'll be told it's not related as too wide spread. Xx

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It is all related, but Drs do not understand the problems of connective tissue, it was not studied for their medical training, all the nerves are doing is yelling out that there is something wrong, and there are very few of the medical profession who understand.


I guess that's why most doctors try to ignore the symptoms being explained to the in the hope it'll go away. Unfortunately for us we're left with the pain and effects of it all. Xx

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