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Applying for PIP benefit? (Personal independence payment) Anyone been successful with similar symptoms to me?

I need help with cooking, can't open cans or jars, hold pans with anything in, drain pans, carry more than one plate, peel or cut up vegetables, or cut my own food if it's something like a baked potato. I need help to wash my hair. I can't walk any distance without pain. My feet are so painful all the time. I can walk 200m but it's very painful and I don't do it. My feet, knees, one wrist, one thumb and both hands hurt all the time. I work full time at a desk job so this isn't a problem, except when I have to drive, or go by train to meetings in London which usually involves a lot of walking (very painfully). So does anyone have experience of applying for PIP successfully with similar symptoms? Thanks

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Appeal if they turn you down you are entitled with your symptoms and how your affected.if doing something causes pain then you can get it but they like to make you sweat for it. My son aged 9 gets it for eds 3. And high rate too. I claimed appealed and won too but I only claimed for a specific time as my back got better. Its bad now though so will be reclaiming. Hope this helps x


Hi my husband cares for mine and the kids general needs, However i arranged a direct payment through Social services to hire a P.A to assit with my needs individually as i as you cannot open bottles,jars carry anyting heavier than a feather etc..., What i am saying is the I was never told of this option, My mother in law has parkinsons and lives alone also has the similar problems has now also applied and is waiting for her assesment in 2 weeks, I have hired my neighbour she helps me shower gets me dressed makes me tea or just runs me to the local shop which is 2+miles.

This service is available and the rate that is paid to myself to pay her is £8.50hr where as if they hire someone they will not get paid that amount will not really give a monkeys, I am awaiting a new claim i have been in reciept of middle rate care DLA and low rate mobility however as can no longer walk have applied again and had somebody from the DLA/PIP come out and fill the forms out i will let you know if i am sucessful


Good luck . I've sent mine off today, so will probably get the consultation in October! When things will likely be different!


Hi well after 2 years an Appeal and lots of tears i have now been awarded higher rate mobility and care, The final thing that got this sorted was all the MRI images and OT ans Adult social care reports, Dont give up that is the main thing if you are turned down go to appeal contact the CAB but please dont give up thats unfortunatly seems that they hope moast people wont fight for what they need


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