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JHS and childbirth

I apologize if I'm writing this in the wrong forum. But I'm looking for advice about childbirth with hyper mobility syndrome.

Some back story. When I was 15 my GP diagnosed me with joint hyper mobility syndrome. When I was 16 my left shoulder began subluxing which it does now only on occasion (I've managed to strengthen my shoulders so it's a rare event now, maybe only once a year) except from moderate joint pain I feel fairly lucky that I seem to have a very mild case compared to other people's stories I've read. The GP that diagnosed me retired and since then I've not really met any health professionals who know what I'm on about when I mention it. So I've never been told about EDS, I just read up and the hypermobile type seems to fit me, and it also states some doctors use the term interchangeably with JHS.

Last year I became pregnant and in may this year when I gave birth I suffered a massive post partum hemorrhage and nearly died. The doctors couldn't explain it. My coxis also now subluxs.

Are these all part of my JHS? We were wanting to have more children but if this is the JHS, will I always suffer from PPH?

Thanks for any help or advice anyone can offer. X

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Look on the HMSA website, they have a thread on childbirth and pregnancy. Lots of information there. I believe it can be connected to JHS. I had placental rupture and lost a lot of blood too, and my son was born early because of it.


I've had four (very large) children & have EDS. When I gave birth, I had no idea I had EDS. With all four I had light spotting for 4-5 months. With the second & largest (9lbs. 8 ozs.), I started hemorrhaging after delivering. With my third, although this has never been verified, I'm pretty sure my pelvis dislocated. My coccyx now subluxes. Despite the hemorrhaging with the second, it did not occur with the other 3 deliveries. This website has a vast amount of information regarding every aspect of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. ednf.org/


It can relate to hypermobility/EDS though it doesn't always happen.

My GP & Midwife were aware of my EDSH throughout both my pregnancies, they suggested use of 'birthing pool' to help support everything whilst giving birth but as with most pregnancies things didn't go to plan.

My eldest was 8days overdue & I was in labour for 49hrs, I stopped dilating at 8cm & had to have my waters broken under ARM & an induction drip in my arm to assist contractions. When it came to pushing I was pushing for the maximum allowed 2hrs before intervention is sought. I did deliver without intervention but suffered a 3rd degree tear & (though I don't remember it) I lost a lot of blood. My eldest weighed 9lbs.

My youngest was 7days overdue & I was in slow labour for 10 days (deep joy) as she kept engaging & disengaging constantly. Once again I stopped dilating at 8cm & had to have ARM but what a difference from there, my body recalled what was supposed to happen & within 30mins I was ready to push, one big push & out she flew. I did suffer a 2nd degree tear but it wasn't anywhere as bad. My youngest weighed 7lbs 12.


I did not know i had EDS Type II. I had 4 pregnacies my last was of twins all premature first 36 weeks after being stopped at 28weeks had oxytocin to bring it on went from stage 1 to delivery 15 mins ripped and went back in for heavy bleeding he isnow 20, second child born at 26 weeks waters broke at 23wks hes now 18 by C-section, third son C-section 30 weeks waters broke at 29 wks contracted a virus unfortunatly died, then twins born 32 weeks by C-section now 13, However inbetween these i also had at least 21 miscarrages they did not know the reason! on my last pregnancy I was given GTN patches as a trial method it worked waters didn break early my twin boy was to eager and got into distress, I was only diagnosed in 2011 my last children were born in 2000, My daughter is 13 and has already decided to adopt my boys still are not sure but only my eldest is in a long term relationship and they are now discussing it as probably you are. My sister choose not to have any and my brother didnt have any more after he was diagnosed I hope this helps :)


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