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What supplements & vitamins have worked for you?

I've tried various supplements and am convinced that they help. However I've not been methodical so am not sure which actually work or which work best. I've taken, for reasonable periods of time: d-ribose; L Carnitine, COQ 10, B12. I've tried others too but been even less methodical (brain cant cope!). Its very expensive so any concensus of opinion as to what works would be great!

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I'm afraid I too take a cocktail of supplements and I feel that none of them are helping but then I would only know for sure if I stopped taking them all.

I did find VEGEPA helpful for a while and then my nutritionist changed them to a different sort. I am also taking vit D, CoQ10, Milk Thistle. I have also taken coenzyme A, CoQH-CF but I am cutting them right back as I will be having my COQ10 checked again later this month (privately unfortunately) as my previous levels were very low.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. I shouldn't imagine there will be a consensus as we all seem to be so different.


I use vitamins as a boost when I feel my brain cant cope as I try to fight the symptoms obvilously with the prescribed meds,I find the symptoms are quite close to MS symptoms and they are looking into vit d .I find EMERGEN-C VITAMIN D AND CALCIUM or HEART HEALTH have a good all round dosage of many vits and mins in a sachet you mix to make a palatable drink.I don't use vitamins all the time I use 1 sachet a week to flush the system as constant daily vits in my opinion will boost the system and any not needed will just be passed through.


Hi! I am taking Floridix twice a day, and seemed to help me quite a lot in terms of energy and concentration, and I was deficient in vitamin D so I take a vitamin D tablet once/twice a day. Not too sure if the vitamin D is relevant to you, but it certainly helped. Hope this helps, and happy new year :)


Hi. Thanks everyone and Happy New Year to you too. My dr put me on high doses of vit d recently and I felt I had improved. I was then off it for a while (my error any felt that I'd got worse again. I'm now on a lower dose and think I'm picking up again.


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