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Can any of you come to my arts event in Glasgow?

On December the 11th I am speaking about my PhD research between sonic art and M.E. at the CCA in Glasgow - there's a facebook group here facebook.com/events/3045154... and there's also the main information about the project here cca-glasgow.com/page=236B7D...

I's love to have fellow sufferers at the event, and there will be more information coming on subsequent research.

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I can't make it, I'm afraid. Have you contacted the Glasgow ME groups?

Your research sounds interesting, but having looked at the links, I struggle to understand what it's about. Can you explain further?


Many thanks for the reply -

By the way, I used to live in Edinburgh but now it's Ayr - I think I went to some MESH related events in my ill-career at some point.

It's probably easier to hear me in person talk about it, and me write about it here, but I'll have a stab! but I can even confuse myself as brain treacle is often an issue for me.

The area I work in would be termed 'medical humanities' or 'conceptual art' and practical philosophy is my method. I turn things on their head by my nature.

…and this was only the first step in targeting fellow sufferers today - if you have email addresses of the glasgow groups that could save me some time - bovinelife@yahoo.com

In a nutshell, I practice 'artist-interventions' which are a little like philosophical projects which try and change my response to the illness, in the absence of cures. Because there are no real cures, what can be cured or changed or improved while I am waiting for one?

I'm in the early stages of writing up the work I've been doing, but basically it's about the value of having an art practice - of any kind - when assailed by uncompromising chronic illnesses. One of the tools I use is 'appropriation' where people can make art without moving or little physical effort. Here's the wikipedia link for appropriation :-


Other examples:

…certain types of photography can slow down my heartbeat, sound recording can help me feel part of the social landscape and projects one can do from one room, can help me feel less boxed in by the illness.

Recently I was using an iPhone app that helps me see through the walls of the room, by projecting real-time maps of the universe onto the screen and the wall. I used to be a television director before the illness got me in 1998 and have used a love of all kinds of culture as the only thing that has ever helped me.

On my own, I developed ways in which the illnesses' intolerance of activity could be seen as helpful in any way, and asked questions if this could help me make music, writing, photography, even moderate conceptual walks!

If all of this sounds a bit bonkers, it probably is, but I am deadly serious about how art practices of all kinds can be saviours even in the most bedridden of patients.

The event I am doing in Glasgow represents one of three utterly different ways in making (in my case sound and music) small but well formed projects, that when viewed together, almost resemble an 'holistic' life. That's my aim.

Chris :-)


Hi Chris, I wish I could come to your art event in Glasgow, unfortunately I'm already committed to another event, (Konk Pack), but it has also come to the time of year when I'm not very keen to drive other than locally in Edinburgh because it's dark early and you can never tell when the weather might take a turn for the worse - I never liked driving in snow, but now I avoid it like the plague. We had a touch of snow and frost this morning :-( I would be too nervous to risk it.

I have had a lovely morning exploring all your links, reading about, listening to and watching various pieces of your work as well as this latest piece which of course has particular relevance to me having M.E. Would there be any possibility of you doing your event again here in Edinburgh in the near future because I would genuinely like to go?

I have a keen interest in Art, including contemporary art and also enjoy events with electronic music, sound art and film, so there are so many aspects and levels which interest me in your "The Eskdalemuir Harmonium" event. My eldest son is a young film maker (DOP) and my daughter is a young artist working in sculpture and photography and youngest son is a computer games artist/designer. I also went to Art School myself many moons ago, so I have found it fascinating to look through your work. I came down with M.E. just after having my third child, so it has been enough to bring them up and I have never succeeded in following my own practice, so far at least, however my interest has never waned.

I hope you might consider doing another presentation here in Edinburgh, I can think of some great places for it.

Hope it goes well at the CCA in Glasgow on the 11th and you get some support from some fellow M.E. sufferers. So sorry I can't make it! :-(


I should have had a few smiley faces in there, because I have had a lovely interesting and stimulating morning :-) Thank you Chris :-)


Dear Enquiring

Many thanks for your kind reply. In short, yes, I may do something in Edinburgh in 2013 - there's a chance I may be selling copies of the record on the 15th at Summerhall if I am well enough.

I don't blame you driving in the dark, I think it's really wise - it just requires that extra bit of reserve energy for me too, concentration-wise!

I can reserve a copy for you if you like.

I was at Edinburgh College of Art from 1991-1994, I'm 41 now.

You might enjoy my tour of Edinburgh which isn't what it seems - polyfaith.com/

There's this one about Advocates Close also dooks.org/selectavocados/Ho...

Both are built on questioning what is real and not and they are a bit of fun.

Nice chatting to you and thank you so much for your interest in my work and for your comments.

Chris :-)


15thdec i mean


Dear Chris,

Thank you for the lovely reply, I hope it went well in Glasgow and that it didn't take too much out of you. It would be brilliant if you did do something in Edinburgh in 2013 I would definitely want to come and I think if you advertise it on the Edmesh Facebook Page which is quite active, as well as here, you should hopefully find other interested people.

What are you doing at Summerhall on the 15th December? What time?

I would definitely be interested in your record.

I went to Gray's School of Art from 1976 - 80. My daughter was at Edinburgh College from 2004 - 2008 I think - rubbish memory!

I had already put your polyfaith project on my to do list :-)

Hopefully will meet you in the near future maybe at Summerhall? I'll email you later at bovinelife@yahoo.com so you have my email and perhaps you would be able to let me know if you do another presentation of your "The Eskdalemuir Harmonium" project in Edinburgh. I don't know how regularly I'll manage to get back to this site, (hense the delay in replying to you - sorry), and I'd hate to miss it. Perhaps you have a mailing list?

Been lovely to chat and discover your work.

Anne :-)


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