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CFS and appendix removal

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I suffer with CFS/ME and have for about 20 years. Fortunately, I only suffer with mild to mid conditions but some days I feel like death warmed up:-(

I have question though......does anyone on here that suffers with CFS/ME STILL have their appendix?



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yes I still have mine. just wondering why the interest in the appendix as a vestigial organ it has no bearing on who gets m e .

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Hiya - I had my appendix removed in Feb 2011 and my gallbladder removed in April 2011. My M.E was diagnosed in 2013 ..... do you think there is a link between M.E and having had appendix removed? Xx

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JustJus1701 in reply to Alibobs

We have never really known what the appendix does/ it was just an idea that came to me years ago when I was "trying" to understand why I had CFS.

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Yes many I know have. Having CFS does not increase your risk of appendicitis!

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JustJus1701 in reply to Spiceman112

Didn't say it did. Just TRYING to understand my CFS and ANY possible causes etc etc

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Yes I do......

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I had mine removed 2003,have suffered cfs since 2007

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I still have my appendix.

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JustJus1701 in reply to LillyLyle

And have CFS/ME?

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Yes, or I wouldn't be on this list, would I?

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Zondanna in reply to LillyLyle

You could be caring for someone with it 😁

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Appendix removed about 35 years ago. cfs symptoms started 2 years ago. If there's a link, it can be slow to happen!

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