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coping with depression.....part 2

here is a continuation of my problems.....it is 6 months since the pip meeting and nothing has been said,if I am refused then they will take my car away and I will be housebound!i cannot walk very well at all.my wife has bad knees,will she have to do our shopping on her own?talking about my beloved wife,her mother died of cancer on xmas day...42 years ago,we have been married 42 years come end of feb.xmas is not a good time for us,no grand children,so xmas can come and go as quick as it can.what have I to look forward to? I am in constant pain,strong painkillers stop working after a time and only make you tired and constipated, and I get upset watching my wife struggle to do jobs I used to be able to do,so there you have it! my rotten life!!!!

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Is ridiculous that you are still waiting after so long. They have no idea the stress this system causes.

Why haven't you had a decision yet? I had to wait longer than the norm but they did keep writing to me to apologise!

In the end for me the wait was worth it because I was awarded PIP.

Hope you get answers soon.


thank you and god bless!


Did you hear by now?


How long did you have to wait in total for a decision bevvy? And how long did it then take to sort out your finances?


Not entirely sure what you mean by sort out finances? I had DLA and was switched to PIP. VERY stressful process.

Was told after assessment would be 4 - 6 weeks for decision. I got a letter about a week after then to say decision still not made. Got decision about 2 weeks later. Took me an hour to open envelope was SO nervous/ worried!

I got more than expected for daily living but less for mobility. Decided not to appeal because I don't have mobility car but my own. And was so stressed by whole experience and financially got more than DLA so decided to 'let it go'.


glad you got pip,which is more than we have got! it is 25 weeks on Tuesday the 28th that we have waited for a reply.did I mention that I was a cival servant for 30 years before my illness?loyalty and my illness count for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have you any indication what they are waiting for to make decision. It seems REALLY excessive. You would actually be better of being turned down so you can take it to tribunal........ which is how many people are getting PIP awarded. At moment you are just in limbo.

Simply can't understand such a long wait? Has been six months. Even if they are trying to get additional information about you from professionals it shouldn't take this length of time. Can you complain? But not sure who to complain to? Or who can help? One suggestion is to contact your MP and ask them to look into situation.


I really am frightened.


I am so sorry for your predicament,it's unbelievable the way genuine people are treated.


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