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I'm new here... Do I possibly have CFS?

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Hi everyone, I hope that I'm okay to post this here, I'm just not sure where else I could ask for advice!

I'm just not sure what to do, I've recently (in the last 4 months) been diagnosed with Menieres disease and also IBS (last month), however I believe that I may have CFS as I have a bad short-term memory, have pain in my back and shoulders and get headaches quite often. I also often wake up feeling like I've not slept at all, feeling just as tired, if not more tired than I was before. I do also feel like i go between hot and cold often and sweat a lot.

As far as i'm aware these are all symptoms of CFS along with dizziness. I'm not sure if I can have CFS and Menieres and IBS. I feel like I'm being a little paranoid... I guess?

I just wondered what other people think about this, as I feel that recently I've been to my Dr. quite a lot for the other problems I have and I don't want them to feel im being a hypochondriac (sp?).

Thank you for your help.

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Can you look back to an illness or accident that you think "yes, this is where it all started"? Do you get flu like symptoms frequently (at least once a month)? If you read or cook a meal do you feel much worse afterwards? If yes to any of these it could be ME/CFS. Are you under stress at the moment? If you are lucky it might be something temporary like that. As the treatment for ME/CFS is self management it wouldn't hurt to understand pacing. I looked on the net to see if there was a site that explained it well. There is so much misinformation out there I had to search a lot before I found one I would recommend. I came across this one that suggests you start keeping an activity diary. mesupport.co.uk/index.php?p... I think this would be an excellent place to start.

Thank you for your reply!

It's been really ever since I had a period of a few months where I was really stressed at work and that's what triggered the diagnosis of Menieres as I was feeling really dizzy/vertigo and tired most of the time. I don't know if that could trigger it?

I'm not sure if I'm just looking too much into something, and it is just Menieres/APD and IBS, which when together mimic the symptoms of ME/CFS?

Ahh thank you very much for the link, I'll have a read and bear it in mind. :)

I also have Menieres but it is really mild. The one thing I wish I had been told at the start of my illness "stop trying to do everything you used to do" I think if you can stop now for 3 months, let everything go housework, social life, everything non-essential and just rest and relax, be kind to yourself and see what happens.

Sorry I've not replied sooner, it's been a bit hectic for me lately! Yeah I totally agree, no-one told me how much everything would change and I think that I've over exerted myself and I just can't get over it. I've got another doctors appointment tomorrow I'm going armed with a list of everything that is wrong/symptoms even if I feel they're not significant, as I usually don't want to be viewed as a hypochondriac, I just feel like now I need to tell them everything so they can hopefully help!

Thank you for your help and advice though, its much appreciated!

Since my stroke 16 years ago, I've been suffering from terrible fatigue. Just under 2 years ago I had a bout of palpitations with no apparent heart problems.

Since then, my fatigue & general health has deteriorated to a degree where I am truly feeling at odds with myself, with much worse/more frequent headaches, dizziness, nausea, aches & pains. Today, I finally went to the doctors and sat in her consulting room until I got some suggestions of what to do (blood tests & - I think - a referral to the local M.E. group)

I wrote down all that I needed to relate to the doctor before the appointment & made sure I read out all that I wrote to the doctor. I've put up with these problems for so long & I hate making a fuss (and find that trying to say something important makes me a bit tongue-tied & when I'm fatigued it doesn't always come out in the way I intend it to).

I suggest you do something similar & if possible, bring a sympathetic colleague/relative/partner in with you for support. Don't leave your appointment without some sort of action to be taken, once you are out of the surgery.

Good luck!

Thank you for the helpful advice, I'm not good at putting things into words, especially when it's important! I've been to the Drs a few times and left feeling like I wasn't really heard, so it's a good idea to write everything down before I go, I never thought of that! :)

Hey MemorySticked, glad to be of service! I was pretty much the same as yourself: several visits without being 'heard'. I brought in my husband as support yesterday. It felt very awkward but sat possibly well beyond my allotted appointment time to get a generally satisfactory outcome (for now!)

Good luck!

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