Personal ME blogs

A number of people write blogs about their lives with ME, as well as their thoughts on research, treatments and recovery.

Here are some I've found that I think are worth reading:

General personal blogs:

4 Walls and a View: 4wallsandaview.com/

Infinite Daze: infinatedays.blogspot.co.uk/

Learning to Live with CFS: livewithcfs.blogspot.com

ME/CFS Warrior: cfswarrior.blogspot.co.uk/

Olana's Fog Blog: olanasfogblog.blogspot.co.uk/

Severe ME:

Dreams at Stake: dreamsatstake.com/

No Poster Girl: nopostergirl.com/

The Thing with Feathers: thethingwithfeathers.me/


CFS Patient Advocate: cfspatientadvocate.blogspot...

Stonebird: carersfight.blogspot.co.uk/

The WaterSide: paulusthebrit.wordpress.com/


Occupy CFS: occupycfs.com/

Through closed curtains: rosecrystal.blog.co.uk/


Blue Coffee Mug: bluecoffeemug.wordpress.com/

CFS Untied: cfsuntied.com/blog2/

Life as we know it: cfs-facts.blogspot.co.uk/


Sam and M.E.: samandme.org/the-gospel-acc...

Sustainably Creative: sustainablycreative.com/arc...

Velo-Gubbed Legs: velo-gubbed-legs.blogspot.c...


Green Girl Fights Fatigue: greengirlfightsfatigue.com.au

Seats for Landing: ciaramaclaverty.blogspot.co...

Surviving Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: surviving-cfs.blogspot.co.uk/

Please feel free to share any others that you have found


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