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Any advice regarding DLA renewal, told not entitled to care or mobility


I received letter today not entitled to anything, I was awarded High rate mobility , Low rate care till end of June. Very upset My symptoms have got worse not better. I was diagnosed with CFS on November last year.

I have had 3 spinal operations ,I always try and keep positive, I am appealing against the decision, has this happened to anyone else?

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Hi, good you have already appealed. You know that you only have to say, "I want to appeal the decision." You don't have to do the appeal immediately before you can appeal. OK? I'm away until the end of June now but can assist you if you need some more advice after that. But best advice is to get an Advocate from a Group in your town who are used to DLA and how to fill in the forms and how to appeal. There is a website you can join too, well worth the money and on it they give you all the steps and what words to use. Basically 'it is a fluctuating condition'. Never say, 'When I feel ok' but talk about worst day and slightly better days but if you can't do something more than 50% of the time you can't really do it...lots more I could say. I don't live near enough to see you but we could phone in July. You must have someone to go with you to any meeting and if you cannot even think of going because of your health, tell them this in your Appeal.



Thank you so much for your reply, Someone from a charity was going to help fill in the form , I contacted them straight away after many weeks never hearing anything phoned a few times I ended up filling it in myself , I have difficulty holding a pen , my writing is atrocious family members were going to help but have been busy themselves. I would welcome a phone call . As I can't write very well I couldn't give much detail as to difficulties I have. I have contacted welfare rights officer also my mp. I await their response. I will look into getting an Advocate. I feel they have ignored all my symptoms and difficulties I have with everyday tasks. I welcome your advice.

Thank you and take care


hi , going to b facing all this stuff in next few weeks , was told , never fill in forms urself , DAB told me when mine forms come in make anther appointment and they will fill it in , they know the rite wording , told it would take around 2 hours , when i rang to get forms , they tryed to get me to do it over the phone , saying it would only take 20 mins. and we all know how much worse we get with stress . good luck , dont give up and fite for ur rites xx



Thank you so much for your reply.The lady who was going to help me was never getting back to me regarding filling in forms, I guess they are overwhelmed with people and the bedroom tax etc. I received DLA twice previously which both times I filled in forms myself, so came as such a shock when I received letter kept reading it over and over again. Good luck to you and your claim. I am terrified they will stop my ESA and declare me fit for work.

Thank you and take care


Hi Heather

I can't add much to what the others have already said. If you haven't seen it, Action for ME offer a guide to DLA appeals which is free to download from here: actionforme.org.uk/Resource...

A range of other factsheets are here: actionforme.org.uk/get-info...

Benefits and Work do good benefits guides as well, but you have to pay for them. The current subscription fee is £19.45 - although they offer a 7-day money back guarantee. See benefitsandwork.co.uk/join-us

Best of luck with your appeal - I hope you succeed.




Thank you for the links you have given me for actionforme I will certainly be taking a look. I am a member of benefits and work which have excellent guides and info. I am away to fill out GL24 and get that sent off. Trying to get my head around all of this

Thanks again,


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