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What is wrong with me?


I have never written on a forum before, but after 8 years of thinking I have CFS, but being too embarrassed to talk to anyone about it including my GP (in case they think I am a hyperchondriac) I would really like some opinions from those that know they have it.

I am a Type 1 diabetic, therefore if I tell a doctor I am really tired, they assume it's my diabetes. My sugars run high, everyone puts it down to my insulin control. I have had many muscular problems, numerous Physio appointments that have not helped. I even had a shoulder op last month which hasn't helped. I have always slept loads but always remained tired, infact it's become a joke between me and my friends about how much I sleep.

I will use yesterday as an example. I slept through the alarm and my husband leaving for work. When I woke up I was panicked because I work and it was 9.30am. Despite the panic I couldn't drag myself out of bed for another 30 mins. I took a shower and the energy that took was so overwhelming that I laid on the bed again and woke up 2 hours later. I dressed (which wasn't easy as my shoulder aches so much as it's been frozen for the last year). I went down stairs to feed my dogs and after picking up their bowls, filling them up and then putting them back down on the floor, I had a dizzy spell and had to just hold on to the worktop to steady myself.

I tried to do some emails, but I felt too nauseas, so I ended up feeling guilty and worried while sleeping on the sofa all day. Today I am fine!

Does that sound at all familiar, befire I bother my GP.

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Hi. This is a difficult one as I don't know what it's like to have type 1 diabetes but of course you can have more than one illness. When you say "today I feel fine" do you mean that you feel completely normal as in you can do a full time job, cook and clean, run for a bus? And if you did what would be the consequence? would you crash and be exhausted again?

The day you described is all too "normal" for a person with ME and you should be discussing it with your GP. If you make an energy diary for a month to see how you often you are wiped out and what, if anything, you think caused it that would be very useful to take to your doctor and it would help both of you to get a clearer picture of what's going on.

Good luck x

You should go see a specialist of some kind. I went to a general internal specialist and he diagnosed me. I also saw a neurologist, my diabetic specialist and a rheumatologist. They all said the same thing but i wanted to make sure I covered all my basis for all the different symptoms I was experiencing. I had to really push my family doctor to set up these appointments for me and that was only after 6 months of waiting to get better! I am also a type 1 diabetic (for 23 years). Before I went to talk to a doctor people were asking me the same question as to whether or not it was my diabetes. I wasn't sure but how I felt was so unlike me given the fact that I was healthy with good control of my blood sugars and very active until I came down with the flu Oct. of 2015. I haven't been the same since. I have had your symptoms plus about 30 more that come and go but some stay all the time. Funny thing too ( not so funny to experience ) I also suffered from frozen shoulder in 2012. Took over 2 years to stop hurting and I only have about 85% movement in it today. My advice to you is to push to get some appointments to confirm this diagnosis. It is your health! My doctor thought I was depressed which was actually hillarious ( so NOT depressed ), so don't let anyone tell you something that you know is not true! Although getting the diagnosis doesn't change anything cause there is really no treatment other than managing symptoms and not overdoing it physically and mentally, it will give you a peace of mind to have someone validate how you're feeling.

Yes I also kept a diary of everything I felt. It helps when you go to the doctors.

Hi Dormer, some good advice. Proper records to take to the doctor always really help. As you mentioned your diabetes and your sugar running high I wouldn't take any chances and defintely visit the doctor armed with some information about how you've been feeling as its certainly having a big impact on your well being. All the best.

Sorry Dormer, that should of read some good advice here from Poopsie and ME65. I'm not sure what those words went lol.

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