Hoping this site may help. May last year I finished my Radiotherapy for prostate Cancer, the side effects are a little worse than expected but they vary. This year about two months ago I had a circumcision and now it seems everything is going wrong, getting an erection is just about impossible,also I have very little in the way of an orgasm, I am trying Viagra but does not work that well and I am some one who enjoys sex. Any ideas welcome.

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  • Hi RIvermanroy:

    I would guess that you know that circumcison reduces the number of nerves that you have been stimulating for orgasm, for your entire life up until two months ago. Your brain needs time to adjust to missing signals from those nerves and to reinvest in the nerves in your Glans that remain. Give yourself time to enjoy fantasies and imaginings, touch your self, rub yourself, use lubricant, and practice. It's only been two months.

  • Thank you for that, I was hoping that it was not because of the radiotherapy.

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