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Weight loss

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Need some advice please. Initially, before I knew I had CKD I lost about a stone in weight, I put it down to stress -looking after my terminally ill husband etc. but later found out it was due to the CKD. my question is : can anyone please advice me how to put some weight on , bearing in mind our food restrictions and low protein intake ? I am forever checking labels and trying to eat a plant base diet but I seem to be forever hungry. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thankyou

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What stage of ckd are you in. What is your egfr? X

stage 2 - original GFR was 58 after cutting down on protein etc,last result was 80 !! I couldn't believe it, thought they had made a mistake or is it usual for such a big jump ? Thanks for replying

I had a transplant 32 years ago and bearing in mind they only last on average 8 to 12 years so it's tripled life expectancy. In 2013 my egrmfrbwent down to 44 then a year later jad increased to 78 and went upwards as always been above 90. Sadly, over past 5 years it's been on a downward trajectory and over Easter went to 16 bit now back up to 25 and hopefully on way back up. The biggest thing to avoid is STRESS as this will see your egrf decrease dramatically. It's all about lifestyle and diet. Wow - that's a big increase and juat keep kn doing what you are doing as it's obviously working xxx Also, I believe in mind over matter. Some people 'think themselves poley and should keep a positive mindset even on the darkest days xx

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Just want to add, it is better to do two consecutive tests in same lab as otherwise results may vary, even though mostly marginally.However if you have made drastic lifestyle and diet changes, and still don't see any variations in results, you may repeat the same test in another lab.This should remove your doubts about the test results.

In later stages you can put weight on due to fluid retention x

I'm sure the stress will have also contributed to yoir weight loss as its not just the physical of caring for someone but the emotional too xx

Let's step back a minute and talk about your numbers (egfr), etc. At a egfr of 80, that is called stage 2. Is it CKD? NOT NECESSARILY. Remember any egfr above 60 is considered NORMAL. Here is a good explanation of "stage 2":"Stage 2 CKD means you have mild kidney damage and an eGFR between 60 and 89. Most of the time, an eGFR between 60 and 89 means your kidneys are healthy and working well. But if you have Stage 2 kidney disease, this means you have other signs of kidney damage even though your eGFR is normal." You report no other symptoms. This is the problem with this entire classification system of kidney disease. You can have perfectly undamaged kidneys, get an egfr above 60 which is considered normal, and yet you get labelled as CKD.

But even assuming there IS some other symptom and there is stage 2 CKD (remember this is MILD damage, if any) what is the plan for such people. Keep blood pressure under control, exercise (even just walking), sensible diet. Stage 2 CKD (if you even have it) does NOT cause weight loss. You have modified your diet. Probably the initial loss of weight was because before the diet change you were retaining water. You are trying plant based diets, low protein, etc. Naturally this will cause weight loss. Less calories and protein taken in will cause weight loss in any person at any health condition (ckd or not). It sounds like you are overdoing it. My doctors all advise me that it is NOT necessary to go overboard on the diet. Do not take it to the extreme. The body needs a daily requirement of salt, sugar, protein, water, potassium, phosphorous, etc. Many on CKD type diets over restrict their intake and don't meet what the body needs. Yes at stages 4 and 5 a VERY close monitoring of diet is required. At stage 1, 2, 3a, 3b (IF you even have ckd, which I wonder) be sure to take in the daily requirements.

For example, for an average female, you should consume: 46 to 50 grams of protein each day, 4700 mg of pottasium, 1190 mg of phosphorous, about 2000 calories, 2300 mg of salt (unless high bp), etc. If you are consuming less than the recommended daily requirements, of any category not just those I mentioned, you will lose weight.

It is NOT your kidney function that is causing your weight loss. It is what you are putting in, or shall we say NOT putting in your body daily.

One last point. Weight loss can be caused by other health factors not at all related to what we have talked about here, and should be discussed with a doctor.

ps. The quantities I gave you are the MINIMUM daily intake requirements. If you go over the level on any given day (lets say here or there you consume 90 grams of protein), it is NOT going to damage the kidney. To have the sugary treat here or there is NOT going to damage the kidney. Having some pizza here or there is NOT going to damage the kidney. It is daily abuse that leads to kidney damage (again we are talking non stage 3b,4,5 people).

Wow...such good advice, thank you so much. For instance, Iiving alone it is much easier to put a pizza (not a whole one ! ) in the oven, but I have resisted since being diagnosed, but its' good to know it won't hurt to do so once in a while. Thank you all again for taking the time to reply.

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