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How to replace Peanut butter in new low protein diet


Hello: I am slowly working through Lee Hull's new book. Looking at my nutritional numbers I see I have to replace the peanut butter. Been putting it on my crackers at lunch. Any recommendations for low protein snack? I have room for more carb and a bit of fat.

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Hi Cdn52runner,

I have perused Hull's book so I know what you are seeing.

In regard to your question, I have found that veggies dipped in hummus is a great snack. Apple's baked in the microwave with water, cinnamon and a stevia is also good. I also roast veggies with olive oil and spices and munch on them. That's me.

I would see if there is a davita smart class in your area; it is 90 minutes and free. I took it to gain new knowledge. There is a period of questions and answers which you may be able to get some suggestions. Additionally, they have a renal dietician at each facility speak to them.

I eat a plant based diet and have not missed the crackers and peanut butter at all.

Reach out and let me know what you come up with.



I use Laughing Cow which is a low fat cream cheese. Comes in different flavors. I also eat egg whites for lunch either scrambled or hard boiled and then use a flat bread wrap which is also low in calories.

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