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Kidney, Tooth Extraction, and Pain Killers


Hi all:

My eGFR is 106, with close to 1g protein in urine.

I am going to get one of my teeth extracted in the coming weeks. It may lead to some minor post-surgical infection, and possible use of pain killers.

Will my kidneys be damaged further as a result of the extraction? If so, how may I prevent it?

Thank you!

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I am no knowledge and thoughts..

Alert your PCP or nephrologist about the up coming extractions; whomever is monitoring you as of now.

They will advise what

anti-biotics are safest for kidney patients as well as pain medications.

I do know that NASID's such as Advil etc. are not the best.

If there is a concern about possible infection the dentist may put you on penicillin or erythromycin for 7 days.

I know as I have been there pre Membraneous Nephropathy.

See what your doctor feels is best for you at this time.

NASID'S in large doses are not good for the kidneys. Discuss pain meds..

Oral hygiene will also prevent infection.

Check with your doctor..

Will be waiting to hear!

It will go well and you will be fine...promise!


Firstly, Samuel, avoid all NSAIDS (anti-inflammatories) such as Ibuprofen unless absolute lately necessary for only 2

or 3 days at the most. I have had several tooth extractions over the last 10 years with no antibiotics and no effect on my CKD3 on my sole, reduced functioning kidney.

That’s a good eGFR.

What is the concern? If your egfr is 106, that means your kidneys are functioning at over 100%. Can't get any better than that. It's my understanding that an egfr of less than 60 is lowered kidney function? I'm confused.

rabbit01 in reply to Sdtagoo

Correct. I am confused as well.

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