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Diet advice


Can anyone direct me to resources for diet recipes? Also can I still drink red wine? Stage 3a egfr 55.


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Hello reddog49.

I realise that you are in Canada but you may find the links to the UK sites below useful for recipes and diet advice in general.

As far as red wine is concerned to my knowledge the odd glass is fine. However, I am sure our members here will be able to share their own practical advice on both diet and alcohol. Have a look around at the other posts in this community where some people have posted diet advice.

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reddog49 in reply to MAS_Nurse

Thanks very helpful

Red wine and dark chocolate are the saving graces of the kidney diet. I still enjoy my red wine and through other diet changes and exercise went from 3a to stage 2 in a couple of months. So cheers!

RickHow in reply to Zindzi

It is always nice to hear when someone gets an upgrade in their CKD level. I have watched my consumption (no red meat, no alcohol, tons of water, limited but did not eliminate salt, watch sugar intake, low protein, only 2 coffees a day) and walk 3 to 4 miles daily. For 18 months. My egfr remains constant. Low 40's. So it is always amazing that someone moves up a stage in just 2 months by doing the same thing.

Is the coffee reduction due to HBP or the chance of dehydration?

blood pressure and that caffeine is bad for CKD.

Can you explain how caffeine is bad for CKD please?

Sure. Here is a link.

Basically having one or two cups a day is certainly not harmful. But there are two effects. One of course is that coffee increases blood pressure. this is obviously not good for the kidney. 1 or 2 cups will have no such problem. But some live with many cups a day (coffee, tea, soda). Also a cup of coffee contains potassium. Not much. But again, a few cups a day increases potassium to beyond recommended levels for CKD. And many add milk to coffee. Again an increase in potassium. It comes down to exactly what my doctors tell me about diet. That you don't have to not live a normal life. Just keep things within daily recommended values and in moderation and all will be fine.

itzmich in reply to Zindzi

I don't understand going from 3a to stage 2 is not a it?

Zindzi in reply to itzmich

Yes it is a positive. The higher the number the worse it is

itzmich in reply to Zindzi

Going from 3a to stage 2 is not a it explain.

reddog49 in reply to itzmich

It means your function has improved

itzmich in reply to reddog49

I was told the stages go downward 3a being moderate and stage 2 being severe. This is why I asked. In the US this is how it works. The lower the gfr the more the kidney is failing.

reddog49 in reply to itzmich

If you look on the ckd scale it shows that it moves from stage 1 (almost normal) to stage 5 (failure)

reddog49 in reply to itzmich

Below shows the five stages of CKD and GFR for each stage:

Stage 1 with normal or high GFR (GFR > 90 mL/min)

Stage 2 Mild CKD (GFR = 60-89 mL/min)

Stage 3A Moderate CKD (GFR = 45-59 mL/min)

Stage 3B Moderate CKD (GFR = 30-44 mL/min)

Stage 4 Severe CKD (GFR = 15-29 mL/min)

Stage 5 End Stage CKD (GFR <15 mL/min)

Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease - DaVita

I am told by all my doctors that an occasional consumption of alcohol is not harmful. But as one doctor tells me, certainly not frequently. And as another asks me, "why?". As she puts it, what is more important to me? Alcohol or keeping yourself as healthy as possible. She advises have the occasional steak, or piece of pie or cake, or something else that is still a treat, but far less harmful.

orangecity41 in reply to RickHow

Agree, it is all about choices and what is important for renal diet.

Thanks. I need to lose weight anyway so I’m keeping off booze as I know that’s the main thing that puts my weight on. Need to work on stress levels though and keeping calm!

Where do I find the empirical evidence for these particular dietary effect changes on GFR?


Actually one study of asian men found there was an inverse relationship with alcohol and CKD. Flavonoids found in chocolate, red wine and other products have a beneficial effect on arteries, HBP, and cholesterol. The darker the chocolate is preferred and real cocoa is best. For red wines the cabernet sauvignon, petit syrah, malbec are suggested. My doctor said everything in moderation when I told her I like an occasional beer. She also said increase fish. We have modified our diet to reduce red meat, increase fruits and vegetables and eliminated starches. I was gfr 49 last december and increased to 55 in March. I will see the doctor in December. I also increased exercise and do weight training to youtube videos just for the beneficial effect on my bones. I am 67 and ckd 3a. I used to drink alot of water but find I dont have the thirst I did. Now I just add it into my day.

reddog49 in reply to Hidden

That’s very helpful

Decided not to bother with booze. Haven’t really missed it. Increased exercise. Lost 8lbs

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