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fluid reduction and CKD


Hi everyone this is my first visit to this site.

I was told I have stage 3 CKD Dec 17. over the past year I have lost 2.5stone by a very healthy diet and in the gym as my aim is to compete in female bodybuilding competition on 01/07/18 (only 3wks away). I am now at the stage where I should be reducing my water intake to try to dry the body out but am unsure of how low to go to stay safe for my kidneys. I have been drinking about 3lts of fluid daily up to now.

any help much appreciated.

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I hate to tell you this but you've missed the deadline for the competition by 5 months. Jan. 7th, 2018 was almost five months ago. Before your next competition, I'd run your exercise routine and hydration routine by your nephrologist and get their okay for what you are doing. Best of luck.

humanbean in reply to Mr_Kidney

01/07/2018 is 7th January 2018 in the USA.

01/07/2018 is 1st July 2018 in the UK and many other countries.

alimore in reply to Mr_Kidney

See that’s the thing. You guys in the states have specialists for everything and go and see the correct one for your needs. Here in the UK we have our GP (general practitioner) and only get referred to the specialist if needed and the chances are my GP won’t know the answer on a medical level or a competition level.

Thanks for you help

Betsysue2002 in reply to alimore

Happens here too alimore.

I had stage 3 kidney disease 7 years before i found out by accident. I asked doc and she said I TOLD YOU not to take pain pills ! ... which i take very few of and those have been aleve.

I had a skin burning feeling on my stomach two years ago and she said I TOLD YOU you have ibs ! Turned out 2 days later i had shingles.

So i got a new doc and she referenced me to a kidney doc.

But i also have a kras-variant gene and a braca gene which is generally received with an "ok -shrug" when i go for a mammogram.

Good thing im old and it doesnt make a lot of difference !

Ha ha I Britain 01/07/18 is the first of July.

Mr_Kidney in reply to alimore

Isn't there a quote from someone saying that "Britain and America are two nations divided by a common language."

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