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age 27 GFR rate 66 , diagnosed CKD STAGE 2 by my doctor, am I ruined?


I am aged 27 and when I received my report couple days ago my doctor and I couldnt believe at such a young age GFR only at 66 and diagnosed CKD stage 2. I am so afraid I take immediately control my eating habit and hopefully I will survive.

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I am now 75 and have a GFR of 30...........almost Stage 4. You are lucky to be at GFR 66. Please look up the DAVITA will help you a lot. You are NOT ruined!!!! Diet is SO important..............take care and pay close attention to medicines you might be taking and their interaction with your body.........let me know how you do

but I am only 27. which my doctor told me supposed to 100+ on GFR.

Anyways, thank you for your message. I will definitely drinking more water and starting my diet now.

We're in the same boat here (or at least u're better), I'm 22 and my GFR only 50 ( I just knew it this week). I realize that it's really shocking with such a young age to have CKD, but with proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle we could manage to survive for a very long time. That mentioned by lulubelle6766 surely can help you preparing your diet, as long with your own renal dietician.

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I read your post too. Holding Strong, we can fight this together.

Don't be scared. You could be at that stage for a long time.My gfr has been swinging wildly about since 2014. I'm 52 and my egfr Is now 78, apparently the best it's ever been because I've only just found out! I went into stage 3 for a couple of weeks then back to stage 2. I've found the underlying cause of mine which is ovarian cysts and fibroids. Are the doctors testing you to find a cause because usually there is a reason your kidney function declines? Try not to worry because anxiety in itself causes alsorts of symptoms. Just eat healthily and don't eat too much protein. A piece of chicken the size of a deck of cards is enough protein for most people along loads of different kinds of fruit and veg and carbs like bread, rice, pasta and a little dairy for calcium. Drink plenty of water. Your gfr rate can be lower if you were dehydrated at the time of the blood test so if you have another test, drink plenty of water before hand. Your in stage 2 so mild damage so now you have the chance to change your diet and your life style and become healthier. I know the thought of dying is the first thought that flashes through everybody's head when they find out but that's a normal reaction. Keep pushing for tests to find out the cause. Doctors should be doing that anyway and try to stay positive. Did you feel ok before the diagnosis?

Dont pannic.i had 50 egfr at 6 and made that last for 52 years before i had transplant..advice...keep away from painkillers..keep salt away from food..keep your weight at bmi levels..avoid red meat..keep to fish in moderate amounts..keep stress low..and most of all keep smile ing....

Take care..😊


Wow, you are really holding strong! Thank you for your message!

Am stage2. I know am scare of getting sick

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