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Should I be worried with this eGFR?


Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on my recent blood test results. I don't have many actual numbers, but can say:

Platelet count is raised

Red blood count is raised

MCV is low

MCH is low

Everything else on the full blood count was normal

I had a renal function test which showed an eGFR of 71. My GP says I need to re-test in 2-3 months and was concerned about this result because she said my usual eGFR is over 90 (but I don’t know how long ago it was that I was getting a 90 as my usual). She sounded quite worried and made comments about needing to make sure it doesn’t go any lower than the 71, avoiding painkillers etc.

This has made me worry so I was hoping you might be able to give me some advice.

Does this sound like early CKD?

To give background I’m 34. Female. I take levothyroxine daily.

I eat a probably poor high sugar/carb diet. No diabetes. Minimal exercise.

I gave birth 10 weeks ago. I’m breastfeeding and don’t drink enough. Could dehydration alone cause me to have such a low eGFR?!

I've had constipation and bad stomach pains, nighty sweats. It was the bad pains that resulted in them doing the bloods as the doctor thought it could be my spleen. I’m very tired but that’s fairly normal with a newborn!!

I also had a postpartum infection which they discovered due to a high CRP of over 100. I was given high dose antibiotics (two courses as the first didn’t work) and antifungals since the antibiotics caused me to develop thrush. This all happened before these latest blood tests.

Any ideas? Does this sound like early CKD or could I be dehydrated or something else?

Thanks for your help.

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All of the problems you mentioned can have either a temporary or a permanent effect on your GFR. I've got a couple of websites for you to help you answer many of your questions. The first one is and you can use it to check on the meds you have taken and are currently taking to see if any of them have been an issue for your kidneys.

For you to better understand your labs use to look up all of the tests you've had and judge the importance of those results. Some tests will provide you with a wealth of questions to ask your doctor about and others may require you to adjust your meal or exercise program. Of course, these will give you questions about what you can do to elevate or lower the numbers to fit within the "normal" range.

Getting through all of that is not an easy task but remember, the more you learn and become better informed the more you'll be able to handle problems with CKD and ease any stress you may feel as you move through your life. Best of luck.

Firstly, many congratulations to you and your new baby.

Secondly, although your recent blood test results show a decline in your kidney function, I think you should try not to feel too concerned about this at this stage. You have only recently given birth, had a nasty infection plus a load of medication at a time when all your hormones will be getting back to normal after the pregnancy and birth. I know it won’t be easy with a new baby, but if you can get plenty of rest, some exercise, eat a healthy diet, keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water, whilst at the same time avoiding as much salt and caffeine as possible, hopefully when next tested your kidney function will show an improvement. Avoid painkillers, especially the NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen which are anathema to kidneys. Lots of good luck wishes.

As well as your eGFR you will also need to keep an eye on your platelets and haemoglobin. If the continue to be raised this might indicate a Myeloproliferative Neoplasm (MPN).

Hi dehydration is a killer of kidneys dont neglect water intake a minimum lf 1 and half ltrs a day water..and definately no ibruprofen..take care chris

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