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Diagnosis Missing

Hi I am Indian, still my diagnosis is missing done a ultra sound scan and found nothing abnormal rather than gall bladder and urine bladder partially filled. Means nothing to worry told by physician.

"Whether is it medical ethics not to tell patient while his urine shows protein but no problem in sound scan"

My concern is doctors said to have more water. I can see even if I miss a glass of water my urine turns yellow. Sometimes with oily substances or density substances.

My question is do I need to consult Dr once again? Actually 3 months back my blood shown 1.3 creatinine. But while consulting it shown o.9 creatinine. What could be causing my issue. Any experts or experienced patient's can you answer please.

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I am tired, depressed, no interest in going outdoor, bowel problem, chest and head tightness, pimple spots in shoulder back, muscle or nerve creating abnormal sounds while moving shoulder blades. Anybody having these problems?

One more thing when I check my pulse it is showing 60 to 85 BPM range. Also pressure is low like 65 - 108


using lot of antibiotics make urine oily ,did u check serum creatinine level ?

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I had pain killers in childhood, also government and bad label antibiotics for infections.. currently not on a medication for years..

Thank you for your reply

I know that my creatine shown 1.3 and urea 43 4 months back


I would think you need to follow up or go to different doctor. It sounds from what you write that your bladder is not completely emptying ?


If I were you, I would look for a different doctor. In fact, I myself am in the process of finding a new nephrologist, because I feel that the one I am presently seeing saw his job as only to tell me that I had ckd. No information, no guidance, nothing!


Hello guys, love all of you.

in the last consultation Dr said. I am facing IBS and its related to anxiety and stress. He given depression tablets for one month.

My question is did I need to beleive in medical field.. I can see that it only helps emergency situations. otherwise it will kill us (I mean our medical findings)


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